PRESS RELEASE: WUC Calls on International Olympic Committee to Reconsider China’s Hosting of the 2022 Winter Olympics

Press Release– For immediate release
30 July 2020
Contact: World Uyghur Congress
+49 89 5432 1999 or [email protected]

 The WUC calls on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to reconsider allowing China to host the 2022 Winter Olympics and to urgently address concerns raised by the WUC and other parties, given that the Chinese government is actively committing genocide, crimes against humanity, torture and other atrocities against Uyghurs. This decision is in contravention of the values and principles articulated in the Olympic Charter and to the spirit of the Olympics games. 

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5 real steps the US could take to help Uighurs in China

The Vox, 28 July 2020

Below is an article published by The Vox, Photo David Liu/Getty Images

For several years now, China has been systematically repressing its Uighur Muslim minority in the western province of Xinjiang — millions of Uighurs have been detained in “reeducation” camps, where they are subjected to grievous human rights abuses including torture, sexual abuse, forced sterilization, family separation, and brainwashing.

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Concentration camps and forced labor: China’s repression of the Uighurs, explained

The Vox, 28 July 2020

Below is an article published by The Vox, Photo David Liu/Getty Images

Jewher Ilham has not heard from her father since 2017.

Her dad, Ilham Tohti, is an economics professor and prominent Uighur intellectual in Xinjiang, China. He ran a website, UighurOnline, that focused on issues pertaining to the Muslim ethnic minority group.

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Covid-19 outbreak in Xinjiang prompts fears of spread inside China’s camps

The Guardian, 28 July 2020

Below is an article published by The Guardian, Photo Greg Baker/AFP/Getty Images

Rising numbers of Covid-19 cases in the Xinjiang region has sparked fears the outbreak could reach the secretive internment camps where China is believed to have detained more than a million Muslim minority people.

On Monday, Chinese health authorities reported 68 new cases of Covid-19, including 57 in the far western region of Xinjiang, bringing the area’s reported total to 235. After a reported five-month streak of no infections in Xinjiang, the outbreak that began almost two weeks ago has appeared to take hold in the capital city of Urumqi, and spread to Kashgar about 300km away.

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Ekrem Mehmet: No Welcome, No Goodbye

Bitter Winter, 27 July 2020

Below is an article published by Bitter Winter, Photo private

Those following the situation in Xinjiang (that Uyghurs prefer to call East Turkistan) are used to obtaining and sharing bad news. It is a burden, but to remain up to date we all need to find our own way to stay calm in the face of devastating events. However, some stories are simply so shuttering that it would be inhuman not to react emotionally. Probably, even more inhuman than the contents of those stories. That is why social media and news services were screaming with anger when, some weeks ago, the friends of a young Uyghur man, Ekrem Mehmet, published the latest news concerning him. The latest, and the last.

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The Guardian view on China and the Uighurs: everyone’s business

The Guardian, 26 July 2020

Below is an article published by The Guardian, Photo Thomas Peter/Reuters

It has taken too many horrors, but at last the world is paying heed to China’s treatment of the Uighurs. Satellite pictures of detention camps, and procurement requests for spiked clubs, have been supplemented by leaked internal documents warning “allow no escapes”, and growing testimony from relatives and former inmates whose desperation has overcome their fear of retaliation for speaking out.

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World Uyghur Congress, 24 July 2020


WUC Joins Coalition to End Forced Labour in East Turkistan
On July 23, 72 Uyghur rights groups are joined by over 100 civil society organisations and labour unions from around the world in calling on apparel brands and retailers to stop using forced labour in East Turkistan, and end their complicity in the Chinese government’s human rights abuses.The groups have issued a call to action seeking brand commitments to cut all ties with suppliers implicated in forced labour and end all sourcing from the Uyghur Region, from cotton to finished garments, within twelve months. 

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Uyghur Camps And The Meaning Of ‘Never Again

The Jewish News, 32 July 2020

Below is an article published by The Jewish News, Photo  Prachatai/Creative Commons

Jonah Kaye – Growing up as a child in the Orthodox Jewish community, the shadow of the Holocaust weighed heavily upon my shoulders. I was told of the horrors my great-grandparents had endured, of the worlds destroyed and the lives lost. I heard stories about the 1.5 million children, who were no older than I was when their lives were tragically cut short. Above all, I was painfully reminded that I was part of the last generation who will ever have met survivors. A burden is laid upon us to remember; to never forget.AP Video

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