The WUC Endorses the Legal Complaint Against 4 France-Based Companies
The World Uyghur Congress (WUC) endorses the formal complaint submitted by French lawyer William Bourdon, on behalf of Mrs Tursunay Ziyawudun and of the organisations Collectif Éthique Sur l’Étiquette, Sherpa and the European Uyghur Institute (IODE), against four France-based multinational companies.

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Xinjiang: will the West’s sanctions on China force the issue or unravel?New

South China Morninng Post. 16 April 2021

Below is an article published by South China Morning Post. Photo:Lau Ka-kuen.

Since 2019, dozens of Chinese officials and companies have been sanctioned or blacklisted by the West over alleged human rights abuses against Uygurs and members of other minorities in China’s western Xinjiang region.In January, alleged widespread use of forced labour in Xinjiang prompted the United States to ban imports of cotton and tomato products from the region, and Canada and Britain to announce similar bans.The latest sanctions in March from the European Union, the US, Britain and Canada mean that specified Chinese officials will be unable to travel to the sanctioning countries, and their assets there will be seized. They will probably have difficulty maintaining bank accounts, even Chinese ones. 

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Batches of 50 to 100 Uighur workers are being advertised on the Chinese internetNew

Sky News. 16 April 2021

Below is an article published by Sky News. Photo:AFP.

The Xinjiang government runs an official “labour transfer programme”, according to its 2019 Five Year Plan, “so as to provide more employment opportunities for the surplus rural labour force”.

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Yes, the Atrocities in Xinjiang Constitute a GenocideNew

Foreign Policy. 15 April 2021

Below is an article published by Foreign Policy. Photo:OZAN KOSE/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES.

On his way out of office on Jan. 19, then-U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a determination that China “has committed genocide against the predominantly Muslim Uyghurs and other ethnic and religious minority groups in Xinjiang.” Nobody in the U.S. policy community seriously disputes that atrocities are occurring in Xinjiang—but some analysts have zoomed in on the term “genocide.” Sometimes it seems to be a way of trying to force policies back toward the failed engagement of the past rather than confronting what’s happening in China and rethinking policy accordingly.

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U.S. senators match House bill to assist Uighur refugees

Reuters. 13 April 2021

Below is an article published by Reuters. Photo:REUTERS/Leah Millis.

A bipartisan pair of U.S. senators on Tuesday introduced a bill to expedite refugee applications from Uighurs, matching an effort in the U.S. House of Representatives to assist members of the largely Muslim ethnic group that advocates say face persecution in China.

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Former Xinjiang Internment Camp Detainee Honored With ‘Hero of the Year’ Award

RFA. 14 April 2021

Below is an article published by RFA. Photo:Justice for All.

U.S.-based Justice for All has honored Uyghur former internment camp detainee Gulbahar Jelilova as one of four “Heroes of the Year” for her work drawing international attention to policies of mass incarceration in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR).

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Commons to vote on declaration of genocide in Xinjiang province

The Guardian. 14 April 2021

Below is an article published by The Guardian. Photo:Thomas Peter/Reuters.

The House of Commons is to be given a chance to vote to declare that a genocide is under way in Xinjiang province in China, in a move likely to damage Sino-British relations.

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Zara and Forced Labour: A Consumer’s Guide

Nouse. 14 April 2021

Below is an article published by Nouse. Photo:Leif Harboe.

In an age of fast fashion and even faster news, staying ‘woke’ presents itself as an exhausting task. A topic that isn’t just another uninformed marketing faux pas, the issue of forced labour in Xinjiang involves one million people and demands everyone’s attention.

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