Insight: The U.S. must counter the spreading threat of surveillance technology

San Francisco Chronicle, 23 May 2019

By Adam Schiff — In George Orwell’s “1984,” he imagines a world in which citizens are scrutinized everywhere they go, with screens observing every action, and where “the smallest thing could give you away.” That future is now. Not on “Oceana” or even the “Eastasia” of Orwell’s novel, but in China’s surveillance state.

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Kazakh and Uyghur Detainees of Xinjiang ‘Re-education Camps’ Must ‘Eat Pork or Face Punishment’

Radio Free Asia, 23 May 2019

By Shohret Hoshur — Kazakh and Uyghur held in political “re-education camps” in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) are being forced to consume pork, despite the dietary restrictions of their Muslim faith, in a bid by authorities to assimilate them into Chinese culture, according to three former detainees.

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Uyghur Detention Camps: Finding Out One Missing Family Member is Alive

Citizen Truth, 22 May 2019

By Amina Elidrissy — In a previous report by Citizen Truth, we spoke with three Uighur women affected by the Uighur detention camps in the Xingjian province of China. One of the women featured in the report was Fatimah Abdulghafur, a 39-year-old Uighur woman who lost contact with her family in 2017 after their detention in a camp. Since our report published, Citizen Truth received the good news from Fatimah that she received proof her brother is still alive. But she and other Uighurs are desperate for more news about their families.

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US Senate Panel Passes Bill to Address China Uyghur Crackdown, Camps

Radio Free Asia, 22 May 2019

By Paul Eckert — The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed a bill on Wednesday that seeks accountability for China’s harsh crackdown on Muslim Uyghurs that has imposed blanket surveillance and landed some 1.5 million residents of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) in internment camps.

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The German Data Diver Who Exposed China’s Muslim Crackdown

The Wall Street Journal, 21 May 2019

By Josh Chin — Research by a born-again Christian anthropologist working alone from a cramped desk in this German suburb thrust China and the West into one of their biggest clashes over human rights in decades.

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Trump’s Blacklist Could Hit Some Unusual Suspects

Bloomberg, 22 May 2019

By Anjani Trivedi — For China’s surveillance giant, the future has been looking bleak for a while now. The Trump administration’s escalating war on the country’s tech sector is only making things worse – and the net is widening.

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Pakistan’s silence on fasting ban for China Uighurs riles activists

Nikkie Asian Review, 20 May 2019

By Adnan Aamir — As the Muslim holy month of Ramadan started in early May, news of a fasting ban imposed on Uighurs by the Chinese government went viral on social media in Pakistan. In response, some influential Pakistanis with sizable numbers of followers on social media heaped criticism onto China for its treatment of Uighurs and urged their government in Islamabad to confront Beijing over the matter.

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They come to Washington in search of help fighting repression. They find a vacuum.

The Washington Post, 19 May 2019

By Fred Hiatt — Against all odds, against evidence and logic, they keep coming to Washington: dissidents, human rights crusaders, relatives of the persecuted from around the world. They hope for just one moment of moral clarity from America’s leaders.

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