Weekly Brief August 30

World Uyghur Congress, 30 August 2019

August 30: Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances

Beginning in 2011, the international community has dedicated August 30 as an opportunity to raise awareness of enforced disappearances.

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Chinese company leaves Muslim-tracking facial recognition database exposed online

Zero Day, 16 February 2019

By Catalin Cimpanu – One of the facial recognition databases that the Chinese government is using to track the Uyghur Muslim population in the Xinjiang region has been left open on the internet for months, a Dutch security researcher told ZDNet.

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China Is Going to Outrageous Lengths to Surveil Its Own Citizens

The Atlantic, 16 August 2018

By Sigal Samuel – China has reportedly begun deploying flocks of drones disguised as birds to surveil its citizens. The drones have wings that flap so realistically they’re difficult to distinguish from actual birds. In fact, animals on the ground often can’t make the distinction, and even real birds in the sky sometimes fly alongside the drones. The robotic birds can mimic 90 percent of the movements of their biological counterparts, and they’re also very quiet, which helps them avoid detection. 

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Inside China’s surveillance state

Financial Times, 20 July 2018

By Louise Lucas and Emily Feng –  Zhejiang Hangzhou No 11 High School, on the fringes of downtown Hangzhou in eastern China, is a green, peaceful-seeming place to learn. Gazebo-like structures nestle among lush foliage; grey stone sculptures enact eternal dioramas and Japanese maples gently fan placid lakes. 

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Hikvision Wins Chinese Government Forced Facial Recognition Project Across 967 Mosques

IPVM, 16 July 2018

By Charles Rollet –Hikvision has won a Chinese government tender which requires that facial recognition cameras be set up at the entrance of every single mosque (nearly 1,000 total) in a part of China under scrutiny for serious violations of religious freedom and human rights.

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Chinese firms cash in on Xinjiang’s growing police state

The Business Times, 27 June 2018

By The Business Times – China’s construction of a vast, all-seeing police state in its fractious far west has triggered a government spending spree worth billions to firms providing a hi-tech network of cameras and “re-education centres”.

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Weekly Brief: June 15

World Uyghur Congress, 15 June 2018

WUC Commemorates the 30 Year Anniversary of the 1998 Uyghur Student Protests

The World Uyghur Congress commemorates the 30th anniversary of Uyghur student protests in Urumqi on June 15th, 1988. The protests themselves stood as an early reaction to Chinese policies in the 1980s that openly discriminated against the Uyghur students in particular, and one of the first large-scale public responses to discriminatory policies against Uyghurs that many students felt.

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Every new car in China must have a tracking chip starting next year

Quartz, 14 June 2018

By Triptik Lahiri – China’s surveillance state already tracks people’s faces. Now it’s also going to track their cars, the Wall Street Journal has reported (paywall).

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