The World Uyghur Congress (WUC) strives to inform its supporters and others who take an interest in the WUC’s work about its public activities and events organized by its different offices. Much of our public work in this area aims to increase the level of awareness of the situation in East Turkistan and the WUC’s recommendations to governments, civil society, and other stakeholders to address the Uyghur genocide.

In the “WUC in the News” section, the WUC keeps track of its staff being quoted in news articles as well as their media appearances, such as documentaries, talk shows, and live interviews. Moreover, we keep track of the various cultural events, high-level fora, panel discussions, protest actions, and a range of other events and activities that the WUC is organizing or participating in.

On top of this, the WUC shares the latest information on the Uyghur crisis on a daily basis on its Twitter and Facebook accounts. In the “Media” section of its website, the WUC also publishes a monthly Newsletter as well as a Weekly Brief to regularly summarize the most important developments and the WUC’s activities.

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