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World Uyghur Congress 3rd General Assembly

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World Uyghur Congress Third General Assembly

WUC Leadership During the Third General Assembly

The World Uyghur Congress successfully held its Third General Assembly in Washington, DC from May 21-25, 2009. WUC delegates from the United States, Canada, the Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan attended this assembly.

Held in conjunction with the meeting was a conference on the Uyghur conflict entitled, East Turkestan: 60 Years under Communist Chinese Rule, that took place on May 18th and 19th, prior to the Assembly. During the week beginning on Monday, May 18th – officially designated by the WUC as “Uyghur Week” –WUC delegates, Uyghur human right activists, government officials, legislators and academics attended these two important events.

Prior to the events, Ms. Rebiya Kadeer said, “Uyghur Week in Washington, DC is a milestone for the Uyghur people as they aspire for human rights, democracy and freedom in East Turkestan. The opening of the World Uyghur Congress Third General Assembly at the U.S. Capitol has profound historical significance and symbolism; Uyghurs across the world look to the United States and its representatives as leaders in the struggle against tyranny and repression. Accordingly, members of the U.S. Senate and House,  as well as dignitaries, prominent human rights defenders, and leaders of the Tibetan and Chinese communities will address Uyghur congressional delegates and their supporters from around the world.”

Honorary ChairmanMr Riza Bekin (Turkey)
Chief AdvisorMr Erkin Alptekin (Germany)
PresidentMs Rebiya Kadeer (USA)
Vice PresidentMr Seyit Tumturk (Turkey)
Mr Khahriman Hojamberdiyev (Kazakhstan)
Mr Omer Kanat (USA)
Mr Asgar Can (Germany)
Husen Hesen Mr (Australia)
Mr Semet Abla (Norway)
Chief AuditorMr Nurmemet Musabay (USA)
AuditorMr Nurmamat Rozahun (Germany)
Secretary GeneralMr Dolkun Isa (Germany)
Vice Secretary GeneralDr Erkin Emet (Turkey)
Mr Abdureshit Turdiyev (Kazakhstan)
Mr Tuyghun Abduweli (Canada)
Chief TreasuryMr Semet Awut (USA)
SpokesmenMr Alim Seytoff (USA)
Mr Dilshat Reshit (Sweden)
Director of Public RelationsMr Ilshat Hesen (USA)
Director of the Youth CommitteeMr Haiyuer Kuerban (Germany)
Director of the Research CenterMr Ümüt Hamit (Germany)
Director of the Publication CenterMr Abdulcelil Turan (Turkey)
Director of the Religious Affairs Mr Turghunjan Alawudun (Germany)
Director of the Uyghur Cultural CenterDr Kahar Barat (USA)
Director of the Refugees CenterMr Ablikim Idris (Germany)
Director of the Information Center Kutluq Almas (USA)
Director of the Education CenterMr Zunun Kurbanbakiyev (Kazakhstan)
RepresentativesMr Abdughafur Momin (Australia)
Mr Polat Sayim (Australia)
Mr Rukiyem Turdush (Canada)
Mr Dilmurat Akbarov (Kyrgyzstan)
Mr Mahinur Hasanova (Sweden)
Mr Ilham Mehmut (Japan)
Mr Abduhelil Awudun (Denmark)
Mr Ekper Yusuf (France)
Mr Enwer Tohti (UK)