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Our Staff

Dolkun Isa
President & Project Director

MUNICH - Dolkun Isa is the President of the World Uyghur Congress and the Project Director.

Zumretay Arkin
Program & Advocacy Manager

MUNICH - Zumretay Arkin is the Program & Advocacy Manager, Spokesperson (in English) and Director of Women's Committee. She leads WUC's international advocacy, primarily at the United Nations. 

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Eva Stocker
Senior Project Officer

MUNICH - Eva Stocker is the Senior Project Officer. She primarily focuses on policy research and national advocacy in the German-speaking world, including in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. 

Erkin Zunun
Chief Coordinator

MUNICH - Erkin Zunun is the Chief coordinator & Director of the Youth Committee.

Perhat Muhammet
Vice-President & WUC Media Supervisor

MUNICH - Perhat Muhammet is the WUC's Vice-President and Supervisor of WUC Media.

Iptihar Abdureshit
Deputy Director of Information Center & WUC TV Anchor

MUNICH - Iptihar Abdureshit is the Deputy Director of Information Center & Anchor of WUC TV.

Abdujelil Emet

MUNICH - Abdujelil Emet is the Treasurer.

Turghunjan Alawdun
Special Coordinator for Islamic World

MUNICH - Turghunjan Alawdun is the Vice-Chair of the WUC Executive Committee and the Special Coordinator for Islamic World.

Gheyyur Qurban
Director of the Berlin Office & Spokesperson (in Uyghur)

BERLIN - Gheyyur Qurban is the Director of the WUC Berlin Office & Spokesperson (in Uyghur). Gheyyur leads WUC's advocacy efforts in German-speaking countries, engaging with the Parliament and its members, governmental bodies as well as civil society actors. 

Sheila-Ann Riek
Policy Coordinator & EU Representative

BRUSSELS - Sheila-Ann Riek is the Policy Coordinator & EU Representative. Based in the Brussels office, she conducts advocacy vis-a-vis the European Union institutions, such as the EU Parliament and the Belgian Government.

Abdureshit Abdulhamit
Türkiye Director

ISTANBUL - Abdureshit Abdulhamit is the WUC's Türkiye Director. He engages with a wide range of political stakeholders in Türkiye.

Rahima Mahmut
UK Director

LONDON - Rahima Mahmut is the WUC's UK Director. She primarily advocates within UK institutions and engages with the government, Parliament members, civil society actors and journalists.

Marilena Stegbauer
Global Advocacy Officer

LONDON - Marilena Stegbauer is the Global Advocacy Officer. Based in the London
office, her primary focus is global advocacy and strategic litigation. Previously, she worked
as Assistant to Counsel at the UK Uyghur Tribunal, an International People’s Tribunal.

Sofiya Issabayeva
Fundraising and Grants Coordinator

BISHKEK - Sofiya Issabayeva is the Fundraising and Grants Coordinator.

Iveta Vancáková
Policy Coordinator for Visegrad Countries (V4)

PRAGUE - Iveta Vancáková is the Policy Coordinator for Visegrad Countries (V4).

Dilshat Reshit
Spokesperson (in Chinese)

STOCKHOLM - Dilshat Reshit is the WUC Spokesperson in Chinese.

Ümit Tursun
Deputy Treasurer

MUNICH - Ümit Tursun is the WUC Deputy Treasurer.