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The World Uyghur Congress’ media work strives to create greater awareness of the current situation in East Turkestan and of individual cases. Much of our media work includes press work and press releases, news aggregation and social media.

The goal of our work with the press is to present the most pressing issues in clear terms acceptable to a broad audience. Because one of the greatest challenges is a clear lack of understanding and awareness of the situation from the general public, our work with the media is invaluable in this regard. Not only do we provide current information about developing issues, but we look to properly contextualize currents events with those in a historical framework.

The WUC also maintains a YouTube Channel which functions largely as an aggregator of news on the subject as well as a platform for statements, press conferences and other events to be published.

On top of news aggregation, we also publish a newsletter each month that covers both the most recent issues over the last 30 days and our own advocacy activities, and provides us a platform for comment on these cases. We now also publish a Weekly Brief which looks to provide more up-to-date information in one location with our own comment and analysis.

Our Media Work

Press Releases — Commentary and response to current and pressing issues.

Weekly Brief — Weekly commentary and analysis of developing stories.

Monthly Newsletter — Monthly reflection on current issues as well as WUC advocacy activities.

World Uyghur Congress YouTube Channel — Video content related to the WUC and current issues.