Growing Evidence Forced China to Acknowledge Xinjiang Political ‘Re-education Camps’: Researcher

Radio Free Asia, 31 October 2018 By Alim Seytoff – After more than a year of

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World Uyghur Congress Saddened by the Passing of Lodi Gyari Rinpoche

World Uyghur Congress, 30 October 2018 The World Uyghur Congress was saddened this week

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They Escaped China’s Crackdown, but Now Wait in Limbo

The New York Times, 27 October 2018 By Christina Anderson and Chris Buckley – Abdikadir Yasin and

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The Xinjiang camps as a “Stanford Prison Experiment”

The Asia Dialogue, 26 October 2018 By Magnus Fiskesjö – The Xinjiang camps represent a dramatic Continue Reading →

Weekly Brief October 6th

World Uyghur Congress, 6 October 2018 BBC Investigation Reveals New Evidence of Internment Camps

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China’s Uyghur re-education centres in Xinjiang will not produce a loyal and obedient population

The Conversation, 26 October 2018 By James McMurray – The Chinese government’s denials of its mass

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The Guardian view on China’s detention camps: now we see them

The Guardian, 26 October 2018 By The Guardian – The courage of former inmates and relatives,

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China’s decimation of Uyghur minds

The Asia Dialogue, 25 October 2018 By Ondřej Klimeš – Academics, journalists and rights groups Continue Reading →