Chinese Officials Move to Ban Strongly Religious Baby Names

Voice of America, 24 April 2017

By Xin Lin — Officials in northwestern China are reported to have banned baby names with strong religious meanings.

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China Bans ‘Extreme’ Islamic Baby Names Among Xinjiang’s Uyghurs

Radio Free Asia, 20 April 2017


By Xin Lin — Chinese authorities in the northwestern region of Xinjiang have banned dozens of baby names with religious meanings that are widely used by Muslims elsewhere in the world, RFA has learned.

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Pak’s indifference to Muslim oppression in China ‘alarming’

ANI, 20 April 2017

ANI — Pakistan turning a deaf ear and going cold turkey in dealing with China’s repression unleashed on its Muslim community is nothing short of alarming, as even the state media besides the Nawaz Sharif-led government is looking at this development the other way according to an analysis in the Kashmir Images.

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Uyghur Village Cadre Dismissed For Holding Islamic Wedding Vows at Home

Radio Free Asia, 19 April 2017


By Mihray Abdilim — An ethnic Uyghur cadre in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region has been fired from her post for holding her wedding ceremony at home according to Islamic traditions instead of at a government-sanctioned venue, local officials and residents said.

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Ban on beards and veils – China’s Xinjiang passes regulation to curb ‘religious extremism’

South China Morning Post, 30 March 2017


By Nectar Gan  China’s restive far-western Xinjiang region passed a new regulation on Wednesday to curb religious extremism, amid the government’s ramped-up campaign against what it calls the rising threat of terrorism and separatism.

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China launches “all-out-offensive” against Uyghur minority

Al Jazeera, 17 March 2017


Al Jazeera — China’s ruling Communist Party has hardened its rhetoric on Islam, with top officials making repeated warnings about the spectre of global religious “extremism” seeping into the country, and the need to protect traditional Chinese identity.

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Religious suppression creates ‘black market’ for believers in China

The Globe and Mail, 2 March 2017


By Nathan Vanderklippe — Beijing’s tightening grasp on religion has “created an enormous black market” for the fast-growing ranks of Chinese believers.

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U.N. Human Rights Experts Unite to Condemn China Over Expulsions of Tibetans

The New York Times, 2 March 2017


By Edward Wong — A half-dozen United Nations experts who investigate human rights abuses have taken the rare step of banding together to condemn China for expulsions of monks and nuns from major religious enclaves in a Tibetan region.

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