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Nurhahmat Yusup

Sentenced in September 1997 to 20 years for “counter-revolutionary” offenses

According to Amnesty International, authorities in Kashgar municipality, East Turkestan, detained Nurhahmat Yusup (age at detention: 22) in July 1996 after he replaced the PRC flag in Kashgar’s People’s Square with the in China banned East Turkestan flag. During a search of Nurhahmat Yusup’s house, police reportedly found a tape of poems from a well known Uyghur poet which had been labeled as “reactionary.” Possession of the tape itself was considered an offence. Authorities charged Nurhahmat Yusup with “counter-revolutionary” offenses (though the exact charges against him are not known) and sentenced him in September 1997, despite representation by a lawyer, to 20 years in prison.

After his trial his family was allowed to visit him in prison. Amnesty International is concerned that Nurhahmat Yusup is reported to have been sentenced to a heavy term of imprisonment for the peaceful exercise of his right to freedom of opinion and expression.

Nurhahmat Yusup was last known to be serving his sentence at a prison within the Liu Daowan (Xinjiang No.1 prison) of Urumqi.


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