March 10: Solidarity Statement

March 10: Solidarity Statement

The World Uyghur Congress, March 10 2021

On March 10, the World Uyghur Congress stands in solidarity with the Tibetan people. This day marks a dark chapter in Tibetan history, as they saw the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) illegally invade and occupy their homeland. On March 10, 1959, tens of thousands of Tibetans marched the streets of Lhasa, Tibet’s capital and stood up in protest against tyranny. As a result, tens of thousands were killed by Chinese soldiers. This historical event has proven to be a significant precedent for the further brutal repression which by now has culminated into cultural genocide against the Tibetan people by the Chinese government.

Uyghurs and Tibetans share a similar history and struggle, both people saw their land and fundamental freedoms being stripped away from them. Today, Tibetans and Uyghurs are living under the repressive genocidal regime of the CCP, and the diaspora community lives in exile, advocating for democracy and fundamental freedoms. 

In recent years, we have witnessed the strategy of the Chinese government shift to unapologetic cultural assimilation and social reengineering of the Tibetan and Uyghur people. Everything that makes the Tibetan and Uyghur people unique – our language, our religion and our culture has been targeted. The younger generation is being targeted in particular for indoctrination. The so called ‘bi-lingual’ education programs have for years been undermining both the Tibetan and Uyghur languages in schools slowly eliminating mother tongue education from the curriculum. Tibetans and Uyghurs are in similar ways subjected to “forced labour’’ programmes, with the rapid expansion of mass transfer of rural workers within Tibet and East Turkistan to other parts of China. 

Today and every day, the World Uyghur Congress stands in solidarity with Tibetans, defending human rights and freedom.