Italy Detained , Secretary General of Uyghur in Rome at “China Request”

Italy Detained , Secretary General of Uyghur in Rome at “China Request”

Bolan Times, 28 July 2017

By Bolan Times — Italian Government detained famous Uyghur Secretary General Dolkun Isa on Wednesday in Rome at “Chinese Request ”.

Dollkin Isa ,Secretary General Uyghur , reached Rome to attend a Press Conference which was going to be held in senate Building of Italy.

According to the details , Wednesday Morning while Secretary General of Uyghur , Dolkun Isa was going to attend the press conference in Senate Building of Italy Rome , at 11:45 AM around 20 italian Special division police , Divisione Investigazioni Generali Operazioni Speciali ( DIGOS ) approached him in civil dresses and asked Dolkun Isa to accompany them for identification process in nearest police station in Rome.

During detention in Police ( DIGOS ) custody , the Uyghur Human Rights Activists informed them that he came to italy to speak at in Press Conference at the senate Building , The press conference was co-organized by Unrepresented Nation and Peoples Organization ( UNPO ) with Italy Noviolemt Radical Party , hosted by LUIGI COMPAGNA , a Italian Senator.

via Telephone , Talking to our Europe Correspondent, The Secretary General , Dolkin Isa said ” while I was detained , I told to italian special unit Police that you are treating me like a Criminal ”.

Secretarty General said , During the detention, Italian special Unit Police took his pictures, finger prints and asked so many unnecessary questions.

Uyghur Secretary General , also added that ” when I asked The italian special Police ( DIGOS) police what is my crime and why you are doing such illegal acts they informed me that , Chinese authorities informed us ( DIGOS ) something suspicious about you , so we are doing all necessary arrangements to make sure when next time you visit italy no any unnecessary problems for you ”.

” I am not afraid nor before ever, its not first time I am facing this kind situation by Chinese Government Pressure , But it is very sad and alarming that I never thought I was going to face such situation in European Country”.

” This incident left so many question on italian democracy , Rule of law and its sovereignty, I am an European citizen and a peace loving Human Rights Activists, such illegal Acts from a European Country shocked me , same time I hope and request to Italian Government that they will look my recent incident seriously and will do justice with the world people of Uyghur which are already being suppressed by China Government ” He said.