Concert to celebrate Uyghur music and culture

Jewish News. 24 November 2021

Below is an article published by Jewish News. Photo:AFP.

An opportunity to support the Uyghur people of northern China by enjoying their music and culture is taking place this Saturday evening — November 27 — in central London.

Rahima Mahmut is not only the UK director of the World Uyghur Congress but also a talented singer and entertainer. On Saturday night — with timing adjusted particularly so that Jewish supporters can attend after Shabbat — she will be appearing in concert with her band, the SOAS Silk Road Collective. Renowned Uzbek musician Abbos Kosimov will also be performing.

Rahima said: “This is our first UK concert since the pandemic. I see my performances as very much a part of my activism, and a means of raising awareness about the Uyghur culture.

“We would love as many of our Jewish brothers and sisters to come as possible”.