Holding the fate of families in its hands, China controls refugees abroad

Reuters Investigates, 31 December 2015


Reuters  Erkin Kurban, an ethnic Uighur from China’s frontier region of Xinjiang, left his homeland for Canada back in 1999. When he returned to Xinjiang for a visit in April 2013, he had not seen his family for more than 13 years. Kurban was especially excited about seeing his 85-year-old mother.

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No Room at The Inn For China’s Muslims as Terror Law Passed

Radio Free Asia, 29 December 2015


RFA Uyghur Service  As China’s parliament passed a controversial new terrorism law on Sunday, police in the southern city of Guangzhou issued orders to be on the alert for “suspects” wearing Islamic symbols who “usually attack after morning prayers.”

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French journalist Ursula Gauthier kicked out of China for slamming Beijing’s Uyghur policy

CNN, 28 December 2015

151227105239-ursula-gauthier-exlarge-169By   Chinese authorities say they’re not renewing the press credentials for a French journalist whose recent reporting questioned Beijing’s “ulterior motives” in standing in solidarity with France after the November Paris attacks, and criticized China’s handling of its Uyghur minority.

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China Passes Antiterrorism Law That Critics Fear May Overreach

New York Times, 27 December 2015

28china-master675By Chris Buckley  China’s legislature approved an antiterrorism law on Sunday after months of international controversy, including criticism from human rights groups, business lobbies and President Obama.

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China Expels French Reporter Who Questioned Terrorism

VoA News, 27 December 2015

F006CBD2-365C-408F-A6C3-F77F12042398_w640_r1_s_cx0_cy5_cw0Voice of America  China said Saturday that it will not renew press credentials for a French journalist, effectively expelling her following a harsh media campaign against her for questioning the official line equating ethnic violence in China’s western Muslim region with global terrorism.

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China passes controversial counter-terrorism law

Reuters, 27 December 2015

An Weixing, the head of the Public Security Ministry's counter-terrorism division, speaks at a news conference after China's parliament passed a controversial new anti-terrorism law in BeijingBy Ben Blanchard  China passed a controversial new anti-terrorism law on Sunday that requires technology firms to help decrypt information, but not install security “backdoors” as initially planned, and allows the military to venture overseas on counter-terror operations.

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China ‘expels’ French journalist over Uighur article

BBC News, 26 December 2015

_86835649_86834832BBC News  China has effectively expelled a French journalist over an article she wrote that was critical of Beijing’s policy towards Muslim Uighers in Xinjiang. Beijing confirmed it would not renew press credentials for Ursula Gauthier, of the French news magazine L’Obs.

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China expels French journalist who questioned treatment of Uighurs

The Guardian, 26 December 2015

UnbenanntReuters Paris  Ursula Gauthier from L’Obs magazine, was attacked in state media for article criticising Beijing government’s approach to Muslim minority in Xinjiang

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