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Welcome to the World Uyghur Congress
The World Uyghur Congress strives to promote democracy, human rights and freedom for the Uyghur people through peaceful, nonviolent, and democratic means in order to determine their political future.
Who Are the Uyghurs?
Uyghurs (or Uighurs, Uygurs) are ethnically and culturally a Turkic people living in the areas of Central Asia commonly known as East Turkestan. Today, Uyghurs practice a moderate form of Islam and lead predominantly secular lives. There are an estimated 20 million Uyghurs living in East Turkestan and abroad, though Chinese sources put the number at 11.2 million.
Where is East Turkestan?
East Turkestan, situated in the heart of Asia and lying on the fabled ancient Silk Road, is the historical homeland of the Turkic-speaking Uyghurs and other Central Asian peoples. East Turkestan has effectively been occupied by China since 1949. East Turkestan neighbors nine countries – Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Tibet & China.
What is the Uyghur Conflict?
Under decades of repressive rule, the existence of the Uyghur nation is under threat as the Chinese government continues to carry out deliberate policies opposing centuries-old tradition, culture & religion. Human rights violations remain pervasive including persecution on cultural and religious grounds, arbitrary arrests and the silencing of peaceful dissent.

Internment Camps

Uyghur Political Prisoners

Uyghur Asylum Seekers

Enforced Disappearances