Tiananmen crash: Xinjiang security tightened

BBC News, 31 October 2013

Security appears to have been increased in China’s Xinjiang region, a day after police said they had detained five suspects over the Tiananmen crash.

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Uighur leader questions China’s account of Tiananmen attack

Reuters, 31 October 2013

(Reuters) – The exiled leader of China’s Uighur ethnic minority community called on Wednesday for an international investigation into an incident in which a car ploughed into pedestrians in Beijing, after Chinese authorities arrested five suspected Uighurs over the attack.

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Uighurs facing new police scrutiny in Beijing

Las Vegas Sun, 31 October 2013

For members of China’s ethnic Uighur minority in Beijing, police harassment is a way of life. That pressure has only intensified after this week’s deadly vehicle attack at Tiananmen Square in which Uighurs are the prime suspects.

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China: on the Tienanmen attack there should be no demonization of the Uyghurs

Perdukistan, 31 October 2013

With an increasing insistence, but as of today without any evidence or public documentation, the Chinese authorities are accusing the “Uyghurs” of being responsible of the incident occurred in Tienanmen Square on 29 October last.

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After terror attack, China’s Uighurs fear prejudice

USA TODAY, 31 October 2013

BEIJING — In the past year, his first in the Chinese capital, street vendor Imam Hasan has hardly experienced a warm Beijing welcome.

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Uighurs fear fresh ‘crackdown’ as police arrest Tiananmen suspects

Hürriyet Daily News, 31 October 2013

An overseas Uighur rights group fears a “fierce state crackdown” by China on the largely Muslim ethnic minority as police in Beijing detained five suspects after a vehicle burst into flames in Tiananmen Square.

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Chinese Media Call for ‘United Front Against Terror’ Following Arrests

VoA News, 31 October 2013

Chinese state media on Thursday blamed Muslim minority Uighurs for a “terrorist attack” in which a car was driven through a crowd of people at Tiananmen Square.

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Chinese police say Tiananmen Square crash was ‘premeditated, violent, terrorist attack’

The Washington Post, 31 October 2013

BEIJING — Chinese authorities declared Wednesday that the fiery vehicle crash in Tiananmen Square this week was a deliberate terrorist attack and said five men had been arrested for allegedly helping to plan it.

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