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Chinese Leaders encouraging to Chinese people to kill Muslim Uyghur Genocide and Hunting of Uyghurs by the Chinese Army in Urumqi, East Turkestan on 5 July 2009 Uighurs March to Chinese Embassy – Connecticut Avenue #1 / WDC – 7 July 2009

Xinjiang Riots Anniversary: Continued Suppression of Uighurs Waiting for Uyghuristan ( Sean R. Roberts) Amnesty International: The Uyghur Issue

Uyghur Guantanamo Prisoners in Legal Limbo Uyghur Demonstration in DC Uyghur (East Turkistan) Problem in China-Interview with Dr. Dibyesh Anand

USCIRF Testimony on Uighur Muslims Lost in China with the Hutchens Brothers Police Kill 20 in Xinjiang Clash: Uighur Group

China’s Uyghur killing fields in East Turkistan (Xinjiang) Xinjiang Repression – China China, Cambodia, and the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence

The bloody history of communism (Harun Yahya) Uighurs in China: History of Ethnic Group (Al Jazeera) CCP’s Live Organ Harvesting, New Evidence

Calm Restored after Urumqi Riots The Uighur Dilemma Isa Yusuf Alptekin Speech

Ethnic Tension Continues Following Riots Documentary on nuclear tests in Xinjiang / East Turkestan Inside Story – United China?

Hotan: The capital of silk production Genocide in East Turkistan 2009 Ethnic divide widens in Xinjiang

Across the Border: Uyghurs in Kazakhstan East Turkistan: The Films of John Tornquist One Week in Urumqi – Uighur ethnic unrest in western China

China: Silenced Xinjiang: Uyghurs Xinjiang: Behind the Violence

We’re all Uighurs now. Or are we? Uyghur Predicament in Sino Turkish Relations Xinjiang: The Far West I Concerns over modernization plans

The Silk Road: Two Roads to the Pamirs Police of Communist China`s shooting Uyghur people, July 2009 Witness – A strange kind of freedom

FRONTLINE/World | Albania: Getting out of Gitmo | PBS China’s Wild West // Current TV A City Gripped by Fear

Gulja Massacre European Parliament resolution of 10 March 2011 on the situation and cultural heritage in Kashgar Anger and fear remain in aftermath of China riots

Silk Road to Guantanamo: The Story of Adel Hakimjan Beyond Guantanamo: China’s Uyghur Muslim Minority Understanding Central Asia: Xinjiang

Lost Nation: Stories from the Uyghur Diaspora Xinjiang Security Issues: Professor Yitzhak Shichor Uyghur-Han Relations since 1949: Professor James Millward

Uyghurs and China: Christian Tyler Uyghur Leaders in Exile: Isa Yusuf Alptekin Riots Highlight Latent Conflict Of Uighurs in China

Exiled Uighur Professor Discusses Life in Turkey East Turkistan 20th Century East Turkistan Republics 1933-1934 and 1944-1949

Rare Photos Expose Chinese Executions Democracy and Human Rights: Vaclav Havel’s Commemoration


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