WUC Newsletter No. 16 (November 2011)

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Top Story

  • National Day of East Turkestan

Featured Articles

  • 110th Birthday of Muhammad Amin Bughraa
  • Uyghur Political Prisoners Mehbube Ablesh’s and Abdulghani Memetemin’s Prison Sentences Expire

Media Work

  • Uyghur PEN: The Plight of Uyghur Imprisoned Writers

Past Events

  • 4th Freedom March in Berlin, Paris, Rome
  • Uyghur Demonstration Salzburg and Vienna
  • Rebiya Kadeer in Norway
  • Japan Uyghur Association: Lecture “Imagining Terrorism”
  • UNPO and Members Lobby Dutch Government On China

Upcoming Events

  • Mongolian-Chinese International Seminar on Nationality and Democracy
  • UN Forum on Minority Issues, Geneva
  • EP Subcommittee on Human Rights Hearing on China
  • Anniversary of Karamay Tragedy
  • Symposium by Vaclav Havel Library in Prague
  • Cultural Bazaar Munich

Highlighted Media Articles and reports on Uyghur Related Issues

  • STP: New Chinese Anti-Terror Law Authorizes Crack Down on Uyghurs
  • Testimony on China’s Political Prisoners before the Committee on Foreign Affairs
  • Uyghur Refugee Threatened by Pro-Chinese Groups
  • CECC Article: Students in East Turkestan Continue to Harvest Cotton

More Media Articles

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