WUC Awards Camp Survivors

On February 13, the World Uyghur Congress hosted a Virtual Meeting to highlight the courage of all the camp survivors. These brave Uyghurs and Kazakhs who witnessed first hand the genocidal crimes of the Chinese Communist Party shared their testimonies with the international community and gave a better understanding of the severity of the situation.

WUC applauds every single of them and appreciates their immense contribution to the cause. To show its gratitude, the WUC has awarded the camp survivors with an award for their bravery and each of them was presented with a contribution of 1000 euros.

We applaud the following brave individuals:
Zumrat Dawut
Tursunay Ziawudun
Sayragul Sawutbay
Qalbinur Sidiq
Gulbahar Jelilova
Gulbahar Hatiwhaji
Gulzira Awuthan
Mihrigul Tursun
Ömerbek Ali