International Day of the Disappeared 

On August 30, an International Day of the Disappeared the WUC called attention to victims of enforced or involuntary disappearances. Since 2017, almost every Uyghur in the diaspora has a missing relative..  Families of a missing person face continued distress from not knowing their family members whereabouts.

The Chinese State is one of the leading perpetrators of this atrocious crime. It has forcibly disappeared millions of Uyghurs  into internment camps and forced labor settings.

Newcastle University International Conference: Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, Justice 

On September 1- 3, the Newcastle University hosted the international conference “The Xinjiang Crisis: Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, Justice” which brought globally leading scholars in Uyghur, Law and Genocide studies together with international barristers, NGO representatives, human rights advocates, activists, think tank experts and UK politicians. Taking place alongside an interfaith solidarity event co-organised with Newcastle Council of Faiths, the event encouraged debate on best practices on how to understand the Uyghur crisis in an intersectional framework, as well as different channels towards accountability.

Urgent Need to Reform the Olympic Rules on Protest 

On August 28, South China Morning Post published an interview with Paulina Tomczyk, general secretary of the European Elite Athletes Association (EU Athletes), criticising the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for failing to prioritise the well-being of athletes, both in its decision to award the games to China and in its failure to sufficiently reform rules on protesting. “Enabling China to host the Olympics and to use it as a promotional event without addressing its human rights crises sends a signal to China that the international community will not hold it accountable,” Koen Stoop, the E.U. Policy Coordinator for the World Uyghur Congress, told Breitbart News in a recent statement. “This will only encourage the Chinese regime to continue its crimes against Uyghurs and others.”

Uyghur Genocide Presented During Stockholm Fashion Week 

On August 31, the Voguescandinavia presented the Stockholm-based brand which was launched in November 2020 by designer Louise Xin, as Scandinavia’s first rental-only non-sale couture label focused on sustainability and humanity. This season, the brand chose to focus on the Uyghur genocide and Uyghur Forced Labour. The designer presented her work during the digital Stockholm Fashion Week. The show was politically-charged, shining the light on different humanity crises going on in the world. The plaques in the models’ hands called out for society to unite through slogans such as “Free Uyghurs” and “End all genocides”.


Online Event: The Cost of Doing Business with China

On September 8, The European Foundation for Democracy and the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy will organise  an online discussion, which will explore the implications for European companies whose supply chains are based in China. It will also examine the issues of forced labour, the persecution of the Uyghurs and the role other countries in the region, such as Taiwan can play as one of the alternatives to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Second Hearings of Uyghur Tribunal

From September 10 to13, the second set of public hearings of the Uyghur Tribunal will take place in person  at Church House, Westminster. The event will also be live streamed on Youtube.