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Weekly Brief, 29 April 2022

Weekly Brief, 29 April 2022


Camp Survivors Protest in Geneva Ahead of UN Rights Chief’s Visit to East Turkistan
On April 25th, four camp survivors started a one-week protest in Geneva. They are calling on the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, to meet with them before her visit to East Turkistan, and to publish her overdue human rights report on the situation in the region.

The camp survivors offered to accompany the UN envoy during her trip: “China will play a lot of games not to show them the reality. That’s why we’re requesting to go on this trip. We’re all fully aware that China is a very crafty and deceptive country extremely skilful at choreographing fake people and fake stages”.

On May 13th, the World Uyghur Congress (WUC) will organise a historic protest in Geneva to join these demands. It has launched a fundraising campaign for financial support. More information is available below in the ‘participate section’. 

WUC Delegation Visits Finland
This week, a WUC delegation successfully conducted an advocacy visit to Helsinki, Finland. WUC President Dolkun Isa, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee Turghunjan Alawdun and Program & Advocacy Manager Zumretay Arkin were received by the Finnish Foreign Ministry, Members of Parliament Eva Biaudet, Veronika Honkasalo and Saara-Sofia Sirén, as well as the National Council of Women of Finland and Amnesty International.

Canadian Parliament Proceeds with Measures in Support of Uyghur Refugees
On April 28th, the Canadian House of Commons’ Committee on Immigration and Citizenship unanimously approved a motion, aiming to grant residence permits and travel documents to people without a passport. MP Garnett Genuis said this motion now demands the Canadian government “to support Uyghur refugees and create pathways that recognize particular challenges”. Legislative measures against China’s repression of East Turkestan has gained traction this past week, notably in Canada, the UK and Australia

New Evidence of Hikvision’s Involvement in the Uyghur genocide
On April 25th, IPVM, an outlet that reports on the use of video-surveillance technology globally, published new evidence on Hikvision’s involvement in the Uyghur Genocide. Camp survivor Ovalkbek Turdakun  presented the first direct testimony of how Hikvision cameras are being used in the concentration camps to monitor detainees non-stop. More than 22 inmates lived in the same cell, with cameras tracking all of their moves, even in the toilet.
“They’re everywhere” stated Turdakun, as he recognised the trademark logo. Speakers are attached to the cameras, giving different orders to those held captive, as well as admonishments for the ones who do not comply. Turdakun safely arrived in the USA two weeks ago, and is expected to provide crucial testimony before the US Congress and the International Criminal Court. 


WUC To Organise Historic Protest in Geneva, Switzerland
On may 13th, the WUC and other Europe-based Uyghur organisations will organise a protest in Geneva, Switzerland. In partnership with Tibetan and other international human rights organisations, the WUC will call upon the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to release without further delay her report on the situation in East Turkistan and consult Uyghur groups in the diaspora and camp survivors ahead of her planned visit, next month. Practical info here.

Asking for support for the demonstration, the WUC has launched a fundraising campaign to help rent buses, provide gas, food and drinks for participants.

Support Uyghurs this Ramadan
This Ramadan, together, we can make sure that the plight of millions of Uyghurs and other Turkic people is not forgotten. By giving Zakat, Sadaqah-fitr and other kinds of donations to the WUC, you can help us advocate for the rights & dignity of Uyghurs and other Turkic people. More information here!

#FreeUyghurImams Campaign
This month of Ramadan, the WUC is highlighting the plight of five Uyghur Imams who have been detained or imprisoned by the Chinese government. Follow upcoming posts here, and join our call by sharing the campaign and use the hashtag #FreeUyghurImams