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The 35th Anniversary of the artistry of Sultan Karimov honored in Kyrgyzstan

The Ittipak, 30 May 2012

On 30 May, 2012, a concert took place at the T. Saylganov State Philharmonic in honour of the 35th Anniversary of the artistry of Sultan Karimov. The event was attended by many distinguished guests, including by representatives of the government, parliament and ministries.

Guests were fortunate enough to experience an evening full of musical entertainment. Sultan Karimov successfully completed all the numbers to the accompaniment of an orchestra comprised of folk instruments, Bishkek Mayor’s Office Department of Culture and the jazz group “B Studio”. In the celebration programme Solo numbers were performed during the celebratory programmes, and as well as duets with the People’s and Honoured artists of the Kyrgyz Republic such as: K.Eralieva, N. Kalnazarova, G.Satylganova, D.Akulova, G.Toygonbaeva, Z.Mavlyanova, E . Musin, etc.

Everyone knows that the Sultan Karimov has long been considered one of the most popular artists in Kyrgyzstan, managing to be appreciated, revered and respected by almost all  Kyrgyz minorities and nationalities. He is loved for his tolerance, compassion, kindness, his positivity simplicity, his talent, good songs and for his beautiful singing voice. Sultan Karimov has won many international competitions and festivals in which he was repeatedly awarded by ethnic associations, Ministry of Culture, and the Government of The Kyrgyz Republic. The artist was even awarded by the Diploma of the Government of the Czech Republic, and has received the Honorary Charters of People’s Assembly of Kyrgyzstan for the  significant contribution to the development of international friendship and ethnic stability.

Sultan Karimov fluently performed a variety of songs in different languages. During the concert, he performed songs in Kyrgyz, Uighur, Spanish, Italian and even Balkar languages. In his congratulatory speech, the Minister of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic, Ibrahim Zhunusov, said that,  “Sultan Karimov is a worthy son of the Kyrgyz and Uyghur people. We are so proud that among the Uyghur native is such a wonderful nightingale, who brings joy, peace, goodness and peace to all the people of Kyrgyzstan.”