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Mr Ilshat Hassan (USA)

Vice Chairman Executive Comittee


Mr. Ilshat Hassan Kokbora was born in 1962 in Ghulja East Turkistan.  In 1983, he entered the Dalian Institute of Technology to study chemical engineering.  On December 27, 1985, he began his political Activities in Dalian with anti-China protests.  After graduating in 1988, he worked as a teacher at the Shihezi Teacher Training Centre until 2003.  He left his homeland in 2003 and settled in the United States.  Since coming to the United States, he has devoted himself to national freedom movement.

Mr. Ilshat Hassan Kokbora was the President of the American Uyghur Association from 2016 to 2019, and he has taken up various duties in this organisation.  At the 6th Congress, he was elected Director of the Committee on Chinese Affairs.  Hundreds of his works in Chinese have been widely circulated in the Chinese media.  He has been making a significant contribution to raising awareness of the Uyghur issue to the Chinese people.