Società Libera condems the repressive action against Uyghurs in Hotan

Società Libera, 19 January 2012

Società Libera condems the repressive action of the Chinese Government that on December 28, 2011, in Hotan killed 7 Uyghurs and led to the imprisonment of many more, amongst which many teenagers and children.

The group was trying to cross the western border of China, to flee from religious repression. A woman in the group had been previously incarcerated for having attended religion training courses. Following this episode the government arrested more than 30 inhabitants of nearby villages, amongst which many relatives of the group which had been previously intercepted.

Società Libera, defending the principle of Liberty, encompassing individual right and self-determination of Peoples, and according to its conception of liberalism which acknowledges the supremacy and centrality of the Person and his/her natural rights, asks the Chinese government to stop the repressive action against the Uyghur people that should be recognized, de facto, its fundamental right to religious freedom.

Società Libera expresses its broadest and concrete support to Rebya Kadeer, spiritual leader of her people, and President of the Committee  promoting our Marches for the Freedom of Oppressed Peoples and Minorities.