Press Release – For Immediate Release
14 November, 2021
Contact: World Uyghur Congress
0049 (0) 89 5432 1999 or [email protected]

Today, on November 14th, the World Uyghur Congress (WUC) has announced the election results of its 7th General Assembly, held in Prague, Czech Republic. Yesterday, 204 delegates from over 25 countries casted their votes for the WUC’s 16 different committees and boards, including its presidency. 137 votes were casted in person, 67 were casted online.

The 32 positions for the term 2021-2023 are as follows:



Dolkun Isa (198/204)

Vice Presidents

Erkin Ekrem (156/204)

Zubeyre Shemsidin (135/204)

Perhat Yorungqash (101/204)

Chairman of the Executive Committee

Omer Kanat (172/204)

Vice Chairmen of the Executive Committee

Semet Abla (164/204)

Ilshat Hesen (105/204)

Turghunjan Alawudun (104/204)

Erkin Exmetov (86/204)

Inspector General

Perhat Yaqup (120/204)


Ömerjan Imin (133/204)

Jür’et Abdukérim (118/204)

Abdurahim Qurbanov (96/204)

Behtiyar Nasir (93/204)


Abdujelil Emet (117/204)

Vice Treasurers

Ümit Tursun (147/204)

Xelchem Memtimin (76/204)

Director of the Youth Committee

Erkin Zunun (108/204)

Director of the Women’s Committee

Zumretay Arkin (96/204)

Director of Internal Affairs

Behtiyar Böre (137/204)

Director of the Religious Committee

Hebibulla Ehet (74/204)

Director of the Education Committee

Dilnare Qasimova (94/204)

Director of the Cultural Affairs Committee

Ilyar Sidik

Director of the Health Committee

Nimat Kashkari (157/204)

Director of the Environment Committee 

Gülmire Berdash (163/204)

Director of China Affairs

Adiljan Abdukérim (176/204)

Director of the Human Rights Committee

Kewser Kamal (141/204)

Director of the Legal Committee

Mehmet Tohti (146/204)

Director of the Refugees Center

Polat Sayim (82/204)

Director of the Information Center

Behtiyar Ömer (86/204)

Director of the Research Committee

Abduweli Ayup (94/204)

Director of the Publication Center

Abdujélil Turan (167/204)


This afternoon, the General Assembly will continue meetings of the newly elected board and president to plan and strategize the organization’s priorities and activities for the next three years. Moreover, a workshop is organized for youth leaders, teaching them about activism and advocacy.