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Press Release: World Uyghur Congress Calls on UN Human Rights Office to Take Concrete Action to Stop the Uyghur Genocide

Press Release: World Uyghur Congress Calls on UN Human Rights Office to Take Concrete Action to Stop the Uyghur Genocide

Press Release – For immediate Release
01 September 2023
Contact: World Uyghur Congress
+49 89 5432 1999 or [email protected]

Today marks the one year anniversary of the historic report on Uyghurs by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). The report concluded that the ongoing atrocities and human rights abuses in East Turkistan, particularly the “arbitrary and discriminatory detention” of Uyghurs and other Turkic peoples, within the context of other restrictions “may amount to international crimes, in particular, crimes against humanity”. 

To date the report offers the most definitive assessment of the issues faced by Uyghurs and other Turkic peoples. Despite extensive recommendations to the Chinese government, there have been no improvements recognized to address the situation, on the contrary the repressive measures have worsened. 

“One year after this groundbreaking report, we call for renewed action by the international community. China has continued its violent crackdown on Uyghurs and other Turkic peoples and the recent visit of Xi Jinping in East Turkistan demonstrates that the CCP has no intention of ending its repressive policies but rather doubles down on the systematic plan to erase the Uyghurs”, said World Uyghur Congress President Dolkun Isa. 

The World Uyghur Congress calls on the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, to act on the recommendations made in his office’s report, to inform the UN Human Rights Council on the current situation in East Turkistan and to identify a constructive way to remedy the persistent grievances for Uyghurs. 

Furthermore, we reiterate our previous call to action for governments, UN agencies, the business community and international organisations to hold China accountable. The international community must send a clear message, that China will not get away with crimes against humanity and genocide. 

  • The UN Human Rights Council to take up the issue in a Special Session or Urgent Debate with the aim of establishing a Commission of Inquiry (COI) to independently examine the treatment of Uyghurs and other Turkic peoples;
  • The UN Special Procedures to consider evidence presented by the Committee and respond with recommendations for the UN and the international community;
  • The UN Office on Genocide Prevention to immediately conduct an assessment of the risks of atrocities—including genocide and crimes against humanity—targeting Uyghurs and other Turkic peoples, and to alert relevant actors and advocate for a proportionate response;
  • The ILO to take note of the upcoming Concluding Observations, include additional evidence of forced labour in its Committee of Experts annual report, and for delegates at the International Labour Conference to lodge a complaint against China for failure to uphold its obligations;
  • UNESCO to urgently investigate cases of destruction or marginalisation of natural and cultural heritage, including UNESCO-listed heritage (Muqam, Karez well system, Manas, Meshrep, and the Tianshan mountain range); and
  • The global business community to immediately cut all ties with entities assisting the government to carry out the atrocities, especially the programs of high-tech surveillance and state-imposed forced labour.