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Other Uyghur Website Staff Detained after 5 July 2009

Other Uyghur website staff who have been detained in the aftermath of the July 2009 incidents include but are not limited to: Diyarim contributors Obulqasim, Xeyrinisa (Heyrinisa) and Xalnur (Halnur), both university students, and Erkin, a university professor, who were all arrested on 7 August 2009 in Urumqi. Also Diyarim administrators known by the pen names “Muztagh,” “Lükchek,” and “Yanchuqchi” and Salkin administrator Muhemmet were reportedly arrested.

The Chinese authorities had accused Diyarim, along with other Uyghur-language websites, of helping to foment the unrest because messages had been posted on these websites about the Uyghur demonstration planned for 5 July 2009 in Urumqi. These individuals were detained in the midst of the detention of many other Uyghur website staff.

It is unclear if they have been tried and sentenced. Their whereabouts are unknown.


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