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Gordon Chang: Muslim ‘Concentration Camps’ Prove China ‘Not a Legitimate State’

Gordon Chang: Muslim ‘Concentration Camps’ Prove China ‘Not a Legitimate State’

Breitbart, 13 May 2019

By John Hayward — Gordon Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of Chinasaid on Monday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily that China has lost all legitimacy as a nation-state by forming a cult of personality around President Xi Jinping, who intends to rule for life but may be suffering from health issues concealed by his authoritarian government.

China’s leader is also consigning the Muslims of Xinjiang province to concentration camps that recall the horrors of Nazi Germany.

When SiriusXM host Alex Marlow asked about rumors of Chinese President Xi’s ill health and concerns that he has amassed too much personal power without designating a successor, Chang replied, “People have been concerned about Xi Jinping, full stop.”

“In, I think it was Europe about three weeks ago, he stumbled. This might have been Italy. That sort of triggered the conversation that you’re talking about. People have been suspecting Parkinson’s for a year, two years,” Chang said.

“Of course, we on the outside don’t know – but you’re right, there is no clear successor, and that’s by purposeful design,” he told Marlow.

“Xi Jinping has done all he can to make sure there is no successor so that no one can challenge him. He’s deinstitutionalizing the Communist Party by getting rid of rules on succession. He’s trying to make himself sort of ‘ruler for life’ from all we can tell,” said Chang.

“Which means that when the ruler for life dies, there is going to be no-holds-barred infighting inside the Communist Party. We’ve seen this during the Maoist era. We probably will see it again at the end of the Xi Jinping era,” he predicted.

Marlow asked why the global press has not focused more attention on the massive detention camps China created in Xinjiang province to incarcerate the Uighur Muslims.

“China has maintained what they call these re-education camps or ‘vocational centers.’ They are concentration camps, and they resemble what we saw in the Third Reich,” Chang stated.

“People are dying in these camps, Alex,” he continued. “It’s not like there are gas chambers, but they’ve got policies designed to force people into situations where many of them do die. We know that China is building crematoria to dispose of the corpses.”

“These camps are now being seen by satellite images over Tibet. One can imagine that they could spread to the rest of China as well,” he said.

“This is a crime against humanity. It is the most horrific crime that we’ve seen, perhaps outside of North Korea’s concentration camps. The international community has to condemn them,” he urged.

“China is not a legitimate state,” Chang contended. “We can see this from what it’s trying to do to liquidate the Uighur culture. If it’s not genocide, not quite, it is the attempt to eliminate a minority group and to get rid of their culture. This is ‘culturecide,’ if you can call it that.”

“In any event, we need to stop it, and I believe that we should no longer deal with China as a legitimate state because of this. We didn’t deal with the Third Reich. We shouldn’t be dealing with the People’s Republic because they’re starting to resemble each other,” he said.