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Abdukadir Mahsum

Abdukadir Mahsum

Sentence: Sentenced in February 2009 to 15 years in prison for organizing a demonstration.

The Uyghur American Association reported in March 2009 that according to credible sources in East Turkestan, on 26 February 2009, a court in Hoten City sentenced Abdukadir Mahsum to 15 years in prison for organizing peaceful demonstrations in Hoten in March 2008 to protest the Chinese government’s human rights violations against the Uyghurs. Hundreds of Uyghurs, primarily women, peacefully demonstrated in March 2008 against religious repression and the death in police custody of a well-known Uyghur philanthropist.  Official Chinese media alleged that the protestors were affiliated with extremist religious groups and police forces arrested hundreds of the demonstrators.

Further details about the case, including the charges against Abdukadir Mahsum and his current whereabouts, are not known.


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