Huawei: MPs claim ‘clear evidence of collusion’ with Chinese Communist Party

BBC, 08 October 2020

Below is an article published by BBC. Photo Getty Images

There is “clear evidence of collusion” between Huawei and the “Chinese Communist Party apparatus”, a parliamentary inquiry has concluded.

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International firms are benefiting from Chinese technologies used to persecute Uyghurs

Minority Rights, 05 October 2020.

Below is an article published by Minority Rights. Photo New York Times.

In November 2019, the United States (US) Commerce Department blacklisted 28 Chinese entities for their role in the ‘implementation of China’s campaign of repression, mass arbitrary detention, and high-technology surveillance’ in Xinjiang. The list of banned firms now includes the regional Public Security Bureau, subordinate government agencies and a number of commercial firms, including Hikvision, Dahua Technology, iFlytek, Yixin Science and Technology Co. and others. Many of these entities are either wholly or partially state-owned and at the centre of China’s rapid development of surveillance infrastructure.

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Global Imam Council Statement on the Global Day of Action

On this day, the 1st of October 2020 which marks the 71st anniversary of the
establishment of the People’s Republic of China, The Global Imams Council stands in solidarity with the oppressed Tibetans, Uyghurs, Southern Mongolians, Hong Kongers, Taiwanese, and Chinese people in the Global Day of Action.

We strongly condemn the systematic persecution of religious and ethnic people by the Chinese government, and we reject any and all Chinese government claims of “re-education and reintegration projects.” Additionally, we express our deepest concern over the undemocratic “One China Policy” and the Chinese government’s intrusive surveillance of its innocent and harmless citizens.

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Weekly Brief, 25 September 2020

World Uyghur Congress, 25 September 2020


New Study Finds China has Built 380 Internment Camps in East Turkistan since 2017

On September 24th, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) released The Xinjiang Data Project, an online database bringing together rigorous, empirical research on the human rights situation for Uyghurs and other groups in East Turkistan. It focuses on a core set of topics including mass internment camps, surveillance and emerging technologies, forced labour and supply chains, the ‘re-education’ campaign, deliberate cultural destruction and other human rights issues.

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Press Release– For immediate release
22 September 2020
Contact: World Uyghur Congress
+49 89 5432 1999 or [email protected]

The World Uyghur Congress (WUC) is organizing a three-day long photo protest at the Broken Chair Square, in front of the United Nations headquarters in Geneva (1202 Geneva, Switzerland), from 22 September to September 24, 2020. This event is taking place during the second week of the 45th session of the Human Rights Council, where world’s leaders and high-level officials will be present for the occasion. 

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EU companies selling surveillance tools to China’s human rights abusers

Amnesty International, 21 September 2020

Below is an article published by Amnesty International. Photo Amnesty International

European tech companies risk fuelling widespread human rights abuses by selling digital surveillance technology to China’s public security agencies, a new Amnesty International investigation reveals. The findings are published ahead of a crucial meeting in Brussels on 22 September where the European Parliament and EU member states will decide whether to strengthen lax surveillance export rules.

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World Uyghur Congress, 18 September 2020


WUC Press Release to the EU-CHINA SUMMIT
On 14 September as leaders of the EU and the Chinese government met this week, in a virtual meeting replacing the planned EU-China Summit, the WUC called in a press release on the EU to make a strong and principled stand in light of China’s genocide against the Uyghur people and human rights violations against Tibetans, Mongolians, Hong Kongers and Han Chinese activists and lawyers. The EU must not conduct business as usual with a Chinese government complicit in genocide and other atrocities.

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