Will countries boycott China’s Olympics in 2022?

The Economist. 27 March 2021

Below is an article published by The Economist. Photo:AFP.

In 2015, WHEN the International Olympic Committee (ioc) awarded the 2022 Winter Olympics to Beijing, some people criticised the decision because of China’s human-rights record. Just in the previous few weeks China had rounded up hundreds of civil-society activists across the country. But the rival candidate for the games was another authoritarian state, Kazakhstan. Democracies such as Norway had pulled out of the race. And few people even imagined that, within two years, China would be building a gulag in Xinjiang to incarcerate more than 1m ethnic Uyghurs because of their religious and cultural beliefs.

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Uyghurs in Turkey protest Chinese foreign minister’s visit

Los Angeles Times. 25 March 2021

Below is an article published by Los Angeles Times. Photo:AP.

Hundreds of Uyghurs staged protests in Ankara and Istanbul on Thursday, denouncing Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Turkey and demanding that the Turkish government take a stronger stance against human rights abuses in China’s far-western Xinjiang region.

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CNN finds stranded Uyghur children in China

CNN. 26 March

Below is an article published by CNN. Photo:CNN.

Amnesty International reports that China’s policies towards ethnic Uyghur Muslims have split up thousands of families, as some children are prevented from leaving China’s Xinjiang region to be with their parents living abroad.

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How the U.S. Can Prevent the Winter Olympics From Being a Triumphant Spectacle for China

The Dispatch. 23 March 2021

Below is an article published by The Dispatch. Photo:Lintao Zhang/Getty Images.

Congressional Republicans have taken a range of positions on American participation at the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing next February. This month Sen. Mitt Romney urged a partial boycott that would include officials but not athletes or their families. Sen. Ted Cruz takes the position that it was outrageous for the International Olympic Committee to grant the games to Beijing, but since it did, it is perfectly legitimate for American athletes to compete in games convened by the same illegitimate and abusive host government. Other Republicans, like Rick Scott, have taken a more principled position, calling for the games to be moved, and yet others suggest a boycott should an effort to relocate them fail.  

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Airbnb asked to drop Olympic ties over China rights issues

AP News. 23 March 2021

Below is an article published by AP News. Photo:AP.

Airbnb Inc. is being asked to drop its sponsorship connections to next year’s Beijing’s Winter Olympics by a coalition of 150 human-rights campaigners.

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The Greens. 23 March 2021

Below is an article published by The Greens. Photo:AFP.

Yesterday, the Chinese government listed sanctions against Greens/EFA Member Reinhard Bütikofer and fellow MEPs Raphael Glucksmann, Ilhan Kyuchyuk, Miriam Lexmann, and Michael Gahler and the Parliament’s Human Rights Subcommittee, as well as Belgian Green MP Samuel Cogolati and MPs from the Netherlands and Lithuania and think tanks experts. The move by the Chinese authorities follows yesterday’s Foreign Affairs Council of EU Foreign Ministers, which agreed to place certain Chinese officials on the EU’s sanctions list for human rights violations against the Uighur people in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

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China throws EU trade deal to the wolf warriors

Politco. 22 March 2011

Below is an article published by Politco. Photo:iStock.

China’s double-barreled sanctions attack on the EU on Monday means the landmark Beijing-Brussels trade deal is now on life support.

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EU, China impose tit-for-tat sanctions over Xinjiang abuses

Reuters. 22 March 2021

Below is an article published by Reuters. Photo:AFP.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union imposed sanctions on Monday on four Chinese officials, including a top security director, for human rights abuses in Xinjiang, to which Beijing responded with its own sanctions on Europeans.

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