Egypt: Further Information: More Uighur Students At Risk Of Forcible Return

Amnesty International, 1 August 2017

Amnesty International – Another 10 Uighur students were forcibly returned by the Egyptian authorities back to China, bringing the total to 22 in July, while approximately 200 more remain at risk of being forcibly returned to the country. They would be at real risk of serious human rights violations if forcibly returned to China.

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Detained Uyghur Students Held by Egypt’s Intelligence Service

Radio Free Asia, 19 July 2017

By Jilil Kashgary — Ethnic Uyghur students detained in Egypt for deportation to China are being held by the country’s national intelligence service, according to an activist, as a human rights group said the agency’s involvement is a clear indication that Beijing had ordered the roundup.

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Thailand Facing Dilemma Over Fate of Ethnic Uighurs

Voice of America, 14 July 2014

By Ron Corben — Thailand is facing a renewed dilemma over the fate of more than 60 ethnic Uighur asylum seekers amid reports of pressure by China for the group’s return.

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Weekly Brief July 14th

World Uyghur Congress, 14 July 2017

Round Up of Uyghur Students in Egypt Continues

Despite condemnation from human rights groups and Uyghur exiles across the world, Egypt’s sweeping crackdown on Uyghur students continued this week as even more Uyghurs were rounded up and detained. According to Radio Free Asia, at least 200 Uyghurs, many of them religious students at Al-Azhar religious university, have been detained by Egyptian authorities.

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More Uyghurs Detained in Cairo as Students Appeal to Al-Azhar For Help

Radio Free Asia, 12 June 2017

By Mamatjan Juma and Kurban Niyaz — Egyptian authorities continued this week to round up and deport ethnic Uyghurs studying at Cairo’s Al-Azhar Islamic University, prompting some to appeal directly to the university’s senior imam for his help in preventing their forced return to China, sources said.

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Round-ups of Uyghurs Continue as Egypt, China Condemned by Rights Groups

Radio Free Asia, 10 July 2019

By Kurban Niyaz — Rights groups condemned Cairo and Beijing at the weekend for the detention and deportation to China of Uyghur students studying in Egypt, where desperate Uyghurs continued to try to avoid being rounded up by authorities.

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Exclusive: CPEC master plan revealed

DAWN, 15 May 2017

By Khurram Husain — The floodgates are about to open. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif arrived in Beijing over the weekend to participate in the One Belt, One Road summit, and the top item on his agenda is to finalise the Long Term Plan (LTP) for the China-Pakistan Economic Corri­dor. [See next tab for details on how the plan was made].

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China Orders Uyghurs Studying Overseas to Return Home

Voice of America, 15 May 2017

Voice of America — Chinese officials are reported to have ordered Uyghurs studying in schools outside of China to return to their hometowns by May 20.

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