Niece of Prominent Uyghur Scholar Confirmed to Have Died in Xinjiang Internment Camp

RFA. 25 May 2021

Below is an article published by RFA. Photo:Photo courtesy of a family member.

The niece of prominent Uyghur scholar and linguist-in-exile Abduweli Ayup has been confirmed to have died while being investigated by state security police in Kashgar (in Chinese, Kashi) Prefecture in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), according to official sources.

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AI emotion-detection software tested on Uyghurs

BBC. 26 May 2021

Below is an article published by BBC. Photo:Reuters.

A software engineer claimed to have installed such systems in police stations in the province.

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Former Muslim leader at China’s biggest mosque in Xinjiang incarcerated

The Japan Times. 24 May 2021

Below is an article published by The Japan Times. Photo:Reuters.

A former Muslim leader at China’s largest mosque in the country’s far-western Xinjiang region was incarcerated by Chinese authorities in 2017, accused of having spread extremism, sources close to the matter
have said.

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‘A matter of time’: New Zealand’s foreign minister warns China ‘storm’ could be coming

The Guardian. 24 May 2021

Below is an article published by The Guardian. Photo: Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images.

  • New Zealand could find itself at the heart of a “storm” of anger from China, foreign minister Nanaia Mahuta has warned, saying exporters needed to diversify to ensure they could survive deteriorating relations with Beijing.
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Pakistan Is Cracking Down on Uyghur Muslims Who Fled China

Vice World News. 21 May 2021

Below is an article published by Vice World News. Photo:BRENT E. HUFFMAN.

Umer Mohammed Khan enters a nondescript concrete building near Islamabad through metal sliding doors and steps inside a dimly lit corridor that leads to a winding staircase. He jogs up three floors to the rooftop level and opens a wooden door. Inside the dark room a family of seven sit huddled together speaking in hushed tones. A bearded father, Niaz Ghafoor, sits by his young daughters, one five and the other two. Ghafoor’s wife sits with their three sons, two teenagers and one five-year-old boy. They are Uyghurs, a Muslim Turkic minority group from China, who fled the country to avoid Chinese persecution. They are in hiding, in a secret location.

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Scoop: Bipartisan bill pushes Biden to act on Uyghur genocide

Axios. 19 May 2021

Below is an article published by Axios. Photo:David Cliff.

A bipartisan bill being introduced in the House Wednesday would hold President Biden accountable for taking tangible steps to address the Chinese Communist Party’s genocide of the Uyghur population, Axios has learned.

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EU parliament ‘freezes’ China trade deal over sanctions

The Guardian. 20 May 2021

Below is an article published by The Guardian. Photo:Jason Lee/Reuters.

The European parliament has voted overwhelmingly to “freeze” any consideration of a massive investment deal with China, following recent tit-for-tat sanctions over Beijing’s treatment of its Uyghur population in Xinjiang province.

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Dutch pension funds cutting investments in Chinese firms over Uyghur mistreatment

NL Times. 21 May 2021

Below is an article published by NL Times. Photo:AFP.

Four large Dutch pension funds have halted their investments in Chinese companies over their alleged repression of the Uyghur people, a Muslim minority group primarily in Western China. The total investment by these funds amounted to 115 million euros, investigative journalism platform Follow the Money reported.

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