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Capacity Building Training for Uyghur Youth Activists

Capacity Building Training for Uyghur Youth Activists

From 28-30 April 2023, the World Uyghur Congress (WUC), in cooperation with Swedish Uyghur Union, will organise a three-day workshop in Stockholm to educate young Uyghurs in Scandinavia on topics such as national and multilateral human rights advocacy, the preservation and presentation of evidence grassroots campaigning and digital security. The workshop aims to develop the skills and know-how of Uyghur youth to advocate for Uyghur human rights in different spaces, in a strategic and effective way. The envisioned outcomes for participants are an enhanced knowledge of the current global climate for advocacy, and the challenges, complemented by improved skills to conduct human rights advocacy in a risky environment.

The foreseen outcomes of this project will be the enhanced knowledge and improved skills of Uyghur youth to:

  1. Learn about the workings of relevant multilateral institutions, in particular, the European Union and the United Nations, and how to conduct effective advocacy in these environments;
  2. Collect, analyse, and publicise primary and secondary evidence and testimonies, and use this in advocacy and awareness-raising activities;
  3. Learn the basics of types of data;
  4. Recognize, address, and mitigate the risks and challenges related to human rights advocacy, especially concerning digital activities and campaigns;
    1. More effectively and sustainably conduct human rights advocacy, particularly on social media and other platforms. Uyghur youth will be trained in advocacy and outreach in both political and public settings, leading to more significant public outreach and improved political awareness of, and support for, the Uyghur crisis in Turkey and globally.

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Application Deadline: March 31st, 2023