August 2013 Newsletter

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Top Story

  •  Three Further Death Sentences Handed Down to Uyghurs

Featured Articles

  • Extra-judicial Killings in Yilkiqi
  • New Mandarin Education Drive set to Further Undermine Uyghur Language
  • UHRP Releases Mandarin-language Version of its Religious Freedom Report
  • Eviction for Veiled Uyghur Woman
  • Missing Uyghur’s Wife Deprived of Cash

Media Work

  • WUC Remembers Victims on International Day for Victims of Enforced Disappearances
  • WUC Vice-President Attends a Tv Discussion in Japan
  • WUC Vice-President Interviewed for Japanese Political Journal 

Upcoming Events

  • UPR Meetings
  • WUC President to Speak at UN HRC Side-event
  • WUC President to Speak at Event in Congress

Past Events

  • WUC Vice-President Receives Award in Hungary
  • WUC Delegate Meets with NGO Representatives in Japan
  • WUC Undergoes Internet Training Seminar
  • WUC Associate Members Undertake Rally in Kayseri
  • WUC Associate Members Organise Press Conference on Recent Crackdown
  • WUC Takes Part in the 17th UPR Pre-session on China
  • 10th International Anadolu Culture Festival in Ankara