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Ablimit Ghoja’Abdulla

Ablimit Ghoja’Abdulla

Imprisoned since 2014

Ablimit Ghoja’Abdulla was arrested in 2014. In summer 2013, months before Ablimit Ghoja’Abdulla’s arrest, Abduweli Ayup had met with Ablimit Ghoja’Abdulla in Karakash face to face. After being released from in 2015, Abduweli Ayup heard from trustable sources that writer Ablimit Ghoja’Abdulla was arrested in 2014 in sentenced to 6 years in prison.

Ablimit Ghoja’Abdulla is a Uyghur writer whose writings have been published on the Uyghur websites, Misranim and Bagdax 2013. His writings, under the pseudonym “Sheyhim” began to be banned online on June 6, 2013, and he was arrested in the summer of 2014 and sentenced to at least six years in prison.

His satirical story “Tohti Pokan Story Series” was put on the Misranim and Bagdax websites in 2013 and within weeks more than 50,000 read it online. In 2013 he completed his novel “Earth in Ignorance” and uploaded online as an ebook, which was read by a number of Uyghurs online.

Ghoja’Abdulla had also reportedly met with Uyghur language advocate, Abduweli Ayup, in Karakash in the summer of 2013 prior to his arrest.


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[Last updated: October 2019]