Ablikim Abdureyim

Released 31 May 2017

Sentenced to 9 years in prison and three years deprivation of political rights for “instigating and engaging in secessionist activities”

According to Chinese state media Xinhua, the Urumqi Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Ablikim Abdureyim, a son of Rebiya Kadeer, to 9 years in prison and three years deprivation of political rights on 17 April 2007, for “instigating and engaging in secessionist activities.”

According to the Uyghur American Association (UAA), the court reportedly tried Ablikim, who was not given the right to legal representation of his choice and his family was unable to attend the trial, on 22 January 2007. Abdiriyim’s family says that his “confession” was likely to have been made under torture. The verdict alleged he disseminated pro-secession articles, planned to incite anti-government protest, and wrote an essay misrepresenting human rights conditions in Xinjiang.

Authorities formally arrested Ablikim and his brothers Alim and Kahar on 14 June, and indicted Ablikim on 14 July for subversion of state power, and Alim and Kahar for tax evasion. The Tianshan District People’s Court imposed a 7-year prison sentence and fine on Alim and imposed a fine on Kahar on 27 November 2006, for tax evasion.

Their mother is Rebiya Kadeer, a prominent Uyghur activist, whose family has been targeted by the authorities since she was detained as a prisoner of conscience in 1999. This intensified after she was released on medical parole on 17 March 2005 and left China for the USA.
On 27 November 2006, the day after Rebiya Kadeer was elected president of the World Uyghur Congress (WUC), a court sentenced her sons, which is considered an unacceptable persecution against Rebiya Kadeer’s family and a punishment for her human rights activism.

In 2007, the Uyghur American Association (UAA) reported that Ablikim has reportedly been subjected to maltreatment and has suffered from physical ailments throughout his imprisonment and detention. When Ablikim Abduriyim’s relatives visited him in prison on 13 December 2010, he told them he had been tortured. He said he was also transferred to solitary confinement on 3 November 2010 after refusing to sign a document denying that he had witnessed a controversial incident in the prison.

According to Dui Hua information based on official Chinese sources, Ablikim is serving his sentence at the Xinjiang Number 4 prison.


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