Abdukakhar Idris

In April or May 2003, Abdukakhar Idris, a Uyghur tailor and bookkeeper who fled Kashgar in April 2001, reportedly “disappeared” in Almaty, Kazakhstan and he is believed to have been detained and forcibly returned to China.

Idris was 22 years old when he reportedly went missing in Kazakhstan. Before fleeing to Kazakhstan, Idris was detained by Chinese authorities for three months in connection with his funding of a sports club which the authorities suspected of being a front for Uyghur oppositional activities.

Abdukakhar Idris was detained in the Kazakh border town of Panfilov on 19 April 2001 and reportedly sentenced to one year in prison by Panfilov District Court on 19 September 2001 for “illegally crossing the border”. He was released early, on 7 March 2002, after which he approached UNHCR for asylum. He then lived in hiding in Almaty, until he went missing around one year later after reportedly being taken from his home by Kazakh police.

No further information is available about his current whereabouts, legal status or state of health.


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