May 2013 Newsletter

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Top Story

  • WUC Delegation Expelled from Hungary 

Featured Articles 

  • Uyghur Organisations Call on Germany and US to Urge Xi and Li to Respect Uyghur Rights and Hold Demonstration
  • Human Rights Organisations Commemorate 4 June
  • High school Students Protest Against Headscarf Ban
  • Land Grabbing Corruption Harming Uyghurs
  • UHRP/UAA Hold Event on Capitol Hill on Latest Freedom of Religion Report 

Upcoming Events

  • 5 July 2009 Urumqi Massacre to be Commemorated
  • Sweden Uyghur Committee to Celebrate its 10th Anniversary
  • WUC President to Visit Japan 

Media Work

  • WUC President Criticises Repression Against Uyghurs
  • WUC Representative Interviewed on UN Report 

Past Events

  • WUC Special Representative to the EU Sends Letter to EU Parliament on Maralbeshi Incident
  • WUC Vice-President Attends Inter-ethnic Conference in Taiwan
  • WUC President Honoured as Mother of the Year 2013 in Turkey
  • Norway Uyghur Committee Elects New President
  • WUC Vice-President Delivers Speech at Public Rally in Okinawa
  • Norway Uyghur Committee Shows Uyghur Food to Norwegians
  • WUC President Attends VOA Special TV Programme
  • WUC Executive Committee Discusses Upcoming Plans
  • WUC Delegation Collaborates on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Geneva
  • WUC Delegates Meet German Minister for Human Rights
  • WUC Chairman Attends Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy and Human Rights in Berlin
  • Uyghurs Attend Turkish Cultural Festival in London, Canada
  • Sweden Uyghur Committee and UESA Stage Protest at Yu Zhengsheng’s Visit
  • WUC President Meets Secretary-General of OIC in Washington