WUC Newsletter December 2012

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Top Story

  • Rumours Surface of Nurmuhemmet Yasin’s Purported Death in Prison

Featured Articles

  • Series of European Politicians Raise Uyghur Human Rights Concerns
  • Deported Uyghurs Sentenced to Lengthy Terms of Imprisonment
  • Three Uyghur ‘Hijackers’ Get Death Sentence
  • Gulmira Imin and Memetjan Abdulla Awarded Free Speech Award
  • Uyghur Challenges Travel Ban

Upcoming Events

  • WUC Announce International Conference in Geneva, March 2013

Media Work

  • WUC Celebrates 20th Anniversary of UN Declaration on Minorities, Calls for More to Be Done

Past Events

  • Human Rights Day Protest in Munich
  • WUC Vice-Director Attends Youth Congress
  • WUC Vice-President Delivers Speeches In Antalia
  • Rebiya Kadeer Congratulates New Japanese Prime Minister
  • Sydney Uyghurs Hold Youth Football Event
  • Ittipak Uighur Society Holds Annual Meeting

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