The World Uyghur Congress Holds Its First Executive Committee Meeting

For Immediate Release
Contact: Alim Seytoff
World Uyghur Congress , Phone: 202-321-2388
October 10, 2004
Munich, Germany

The World Uyghur Congress (WUC) has held its first Executive Committee meeting in Munich, Germany, from October 8-10 and discussed the short, medium, and long-term strategies of the Uyghur Freedom Movement.

In the meeting, delegates from the United States, Canada, Australia, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey reviewed and approved the action plan and corresponding budget of WUC for the next 6 months.

During the session, some adjustments were made in the leadership and structural level. Mr. Mehmet Reza Bekin, President of the East Turkestan Foundation in Turkey, was elected as the honorary president of WUC. Mr. Enver Can, former President of the East Turkestan National Congress, was elected as the vice president of WUC. Mr. Husan Hasan was elected as the WUC’s representative in Australia and as a member of the Executive Committee. Mr. Nury Turkel, President of Uyghur American Association, was appointed as the legal advisor of WUC and as a member of the Executive Committee.

Two new sub-entities of WUC were also created during the meeting: the Uyghur Cultural Center and the Public Relations & Publishing Center. Dr. Kahar Barat, from U.S.A., was elected as the director of Uyghur Cultural Center and as a member of the Executive Committee of WUC. Mr. Perhat Yurungqash, from Germany was elected as the director of the Public Relations & Publishing Center and as a member of the Executive Committee of WUC.

Members of the Executive Committee also discussed many important issues including the East Turkestan Government in-Exile, which was announced on September 14th, 2004 in the U.S. With regard to this organization, the Executive Committee unanimously adopted the following resolution:

“The World Uyghur Congress, as the only organization that represents the highest interest of Uyghur people both inside and outside of East Turkestan, supports any lawfully registered, recognized, and operated organization that peacefully campaigns for the freedom of the people in East Turkestan. WUC will cooperate with the newly announced East Turkestan Government in-Exile after it has completed lawful registration procedures, formally acquired legal status to operate in the U.S., and received official recognition from the Government of the United States of America.”