Xi’s visit crashed by one of his victims

The Chicago Tribune, 31 March 2016

Obama Netherlands Nuclear Summit

By Eli Lake and Josh Rogin  Just ahead of Thursday’s meeting between U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese leader Xi Jinping, Beijing is protesting a U.S. decision to allow one of his state’s highest-profile victims into the country.

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China launches unity push in restive Xinjiang with respect call

Reuters, 31 March 2016

A pedestrian reacts as a security officer holds out a detector on a street in Urumqi

By Ben Blanchard  China’s violence-prone far western region of Xinjiang has begun a campaign to promote ethnic unity with a call for respect of the cultures of the minorities who call the region home, while vowing another crackdown on terrorism and separatism.

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Mother of Uyghur who Disappeared in 2009 Faces Charges Over Interview

Radio Free Asia, 31 March 2016

imageRFA Uyghur Service  The mother of a young Uyghur man believed to have been forcibly taken away after 2009 riots in Urumqi will go to court next month to face charges of leaking China state secrets for discussing her son’s disappearance in an interview with Radio Free Asia, a source close to the family said.

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Thai Refugee Policy Scrutinized as China Pursues Dissidents

Voice of America, 30 March 2016


By Ron Corben  Human rights and refugee civil society organizations say Thailand’s policies towards asylum seekers and refugees has hardened in recent years amid increasing arrests and deportations, even prior to the military taking power in 2014. 

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Bob Woodruff: What Happened When I Went to the Alleged ISIS Breeding Ground in China

ABC News, 29 March 2016


By Bob Woodruff & Karson Yiu  – As we drove through the streets of Yarkand, a desert oasis town in China’s far western province of Xinjiang, police and counter-terrorism forces line almost every corner. Our cameras are kept close to our chests, out of sight, because despite official laws allowing journalists to travel here freely, if Chinese authorities would stop us, they will follow us for the rest of our trip.

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China Detains 41 Uyghurs Who Skipped a Funeral of a Local Communist Functionary

Radio Free Asia, 29 March 2016

imageRFA Uyghur Service  More than 40 Uyghurs were detained last week because they failed to show up for a prominent Communist Party member’s funeral in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region, RFA’s Uyghur Service has learned.

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Xi Jinping’s Ill-Advised Quest for Blind Obedience

Foreign Policy, 24 March 2016

New CPC Leaders Meet Press

Foreign Policy  Once assuming office in 2012, Chinese President Xi Jinping has swiftly consolidated power, stifled dissent, and tightened his control over the ruling Communist Party through a massive anti-corruption campaign.

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Chinese Government Media Hypes Uyghur Woman Who Adopted Ethnic Children

RFA, 23 March 2016

imageRFA Uyghur Service  For nearly eight years, China’s state-owned media has touted the story of a 76-year-old Uyghur woman in the country’s northwestern Xinjiang region for raising nine orphans from four different ethnic groups as part of its propaganda to convey that the restive area is a “harmonious society,” Uyghur sources said.

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