US State Department Decries China’s ‘Remarkably Awful’ Treatment of Uyghurs

Radio Free Asia, 13 March 2019

By Paul Eckert – China’s treatment of its Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities puts it “in a league of its own when it comes to human rights violations,” top U.S. diplomat Mike Pompeo said Wednesday as the U.S. State Department issued its global survey of rights conditions.

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The Guardian view on Xinjiang’s detention camps: not just China’s shame

The Guardian, 17 March 2019

By Editorial – An “A-list” comedian, well-known singers, scholars, pensioners and civil servants – the list of prisoners grows. As many as 1.5 million Uighurs and other Muslims are or have been held in camps in China’s Xinjiang region without charge or trial, a leading researcher believes. Virtually no Uighur family is untouched, he says.

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China’s Brutal ‘Boarding Schools’

The New York Times, 17 March 2019

By NYT Editorial  The Trump administration may not be the most unimpeachable source when it comes to human rights, but the head of the State Department’s bureau for human rights, Michael Kozak, was dead on when he said China’s mass incarceration of Muslim minorities was “just remarkably awful.”

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The jailed folk singer at the front line of the Uighur struggle

Al Jazeera, 16 March 2019

By Turdi Ghoja Last August, a United Nations anti-discrimination panel shocked the world by reporting that up to one million members of the Uighur community – a Muslim, Turkic-speaking minority in China – were forced into internment camps in the country’s western Xinjiang region.

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Weekly Brief March 15

World Uyghur Congress, 15 March 2019

WUC Participates in Human Rights Council Side Event On Human Rights In East Turkistan

On March 13, World Uyghur Congress representatives attended a side event at United Nations Human Rights Council during its 40th Session. The event “Protecting Fundamental Freedoms In Xinjiang” was organised by the permanent missions of the USA, UK, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands.

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Uyghurs Outside of Xinjiang Being Watched

Bitter Winter, 13 March 2019

By Zhang Feng  If you’re curious what it’s like to be a prisoner in your own land, take a look at the Uyghurs, a Muslim minority living in China’s far western autonomous Xinjiang region. There, you’ll find, as the US State Department reported, at least 800,000 people, possibly up to two million, detained in transformation through education camps.

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U.S. mulling measures against those behind abuses in China’s Xinjiang

Reuters, 14 March 2019

By Reuters – The United States is considering measures against those responsible for human rights violations against Muslims in China’s Xinjiang region, a U.S. State Department spokesman said on Thursday, calling it a “great shame for humanity.”

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Pictures at an Exhibition: the Uyghurs Calvary Displayed

Bitter Winter, 14 March 2019

By Marco Respinti – “Never again.” This phrase has been traced to the Hebrew poet Yitzhak Lambdan (1899-1954)’s 1926 poem Masada, but it gained popularity when, in the late 1940s, was applied by the surviving Jews to the Holocaust. By (legitimate) extension, it calls for international awareness and attention on all the Holocaust paraphernalia ever since.

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