Weekly Brief August 31st

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Weekly Brief – June 29th

World Uyghur Congress, 29 June 2018 US Ambassador for Religious Freedom Pushing Trump Administration

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China Locks Up, Tortures Muslims in ‘Re-education Camps’

Radio Free Asia, 27 June 2018 By Wong Lok-to – Chinese authorities in the northwestern

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Xinjiang Rapidly Building Crematoria to Extinguish Uyghur Funeral Traditions

Radio Free Asia, 26 June 2018 By Gulchehra Hoja – Authorities in northwest China’s

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More Than Two Dozen Uyghurs From One Xinjiang County Perished in Re-Education Camps

Radio Free Asia, 27 June 2018 By Shohret Hoshur – More than two dozen

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Issue 27: Mass Arbitrary Detention of Uyghur Muslims

World Uyghur Congress, 11 June 2018 One of the principle targets of the Chinese

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China: New Supervision Law a systemic threat to human rights

Amnesty International, 20 March 2018 By Amnesty International – Responding to the news Continue Reading →

Uyghur Teenager Dies in Custody at Political Re-Education Camp

Radio Free Asia, 16 March 2018 By Shohret Hoshur – A teenage Uyghur boy detained

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