British Muslims Rally to the Uyghur Cause

Bitter Winter, 20 February 2019

By Ruth Ingram – British Muslims are backing Uyghurs following evidence of mounting atrocities and forced assimilation in North West China. The deteriorating situation in the region of Xinjiang was flagged up recently at a public meeting in London to raise awareness of violence and torture in the Uyghur heartland and to call UK Muslims to stand against Beijing’s treatment of their fellow Muslims.

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Revealed: 17 Australian residents believed detained in China’s Uighur crackdown

The Guardian, 10 February 2019

By Kate Lyons – Seventeen Australian residents are believed to be under house arrest, in prison or detained in China’s secretive “re-education” centres in Xinjiang, the Guardian can reveal.

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China borrows from totalitarian playbook with Xinjiang camps

Brisbane Times, 20 February 2019

By Michael Clarke – It is now beyond doubt that China is undertaking a program of mass incarceration of the Uighur population in its far north-western province of the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region in a system of “re-education” centres.

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This Australian Baby Boy Has Spent His Whole Life Trapped In China’s Police State. Now His Dad Wants Him Out.

Buzzfeed News, 20 February 2019

By Megha Rajagopalan – An 18-month-old Australian boy is trapped in China, and his father in Sydney fears he will be taken away from his mother and sent to a state-run orphanage unless he can find a way to get him out of the country.

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‘We don’t have a family anymore’: The anguish of Hankiz Kurban and the Uighur diaspora

The National, 19 February 2019

By Andrew Wilks – A panicked voice message from her mother more than a year ago turned the world of Hankiz Kurban and her three siblings upside down.

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Exposed Chinese database shows depth of surveillance state

Associated Press, 19 February 2019

By Maxime Crozet – The Chinese database Victor Gevers found online was not just a collection of old personal details.

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County in Xinjiang: A Case Study in Destroying Faith

Bitter Winter, 18 February 2019

By Li Zaili – Located in the northwest of Xinjiang, Shawan county has a total population of about 210,000 people. Among them, Huis, Uyghurs, Kazakhs and other ethnic minorities account for about one-third of the total population.

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China Allows Cuban, Venezuelan Diplomats to Tour Muslim Internment Camps

Breitbart, 18 February 2019

By Frances Martel – The Communist Party of China began building internment camps in Xinjiang, the nation’s largest and westernmost province, in 2017 and flooded them with members of the nation’s Uighur, Kazakh, and Kyrgyz ethnic minority, all Muslims. 

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