A wall of silence around China’s oppression of its Muslim minority is starting to crumble

Business Insider, 2 March 2019

By Alexander Ma – More and more countries are standing up to China over its oppression of the Uighurs, the country’s majority-Muslim ethnic minority.

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Kazakhs Won’t Be Silenced on China’s Internment Camps

Foreign Policy, 4 March 2019

By Reid Standish & Aigerim Toleukhanova – Gulzira Auelkhankyzy remembers little about the January day when she was released from Xinjiang’s vast network of re-education camps. Auelkhankyzy, an ethnically Kazakh Chinese citizen, spent 15 months inside an internment camp, where she was regularly interrogated, forced to give blood, and required to learn Chinese and Communist Party songs.

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From camps to factories: Muslim detainees say China using forced labour

Channel News Asia, 4 March 2019

By Channel News Aisa – As Gulzira Auelkhan toiled stitching gloves in a factory in China’s troubled Xinjiang region, her managers made no secret of where her production would be sold.

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US lawmakers say Trump has taken ‘no meaningful action’ over China’s treatment of Muslims

CNN, 5 March 2019

By James Griffiths – A bipartisan group of US lawmakers said the Trump administration’s response to China’s alleged abuses of the largest Muslim Uyghur ethnic minority in Xinjiang was inadequate and urged it to hold Beijing to account.

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He Needed a Job. China Gave Him One: Locking Up His Fellow Muslims.

The New York Time, 2 March 2019

By Austin Ramzy  The businesses he started had failed, and he had a wife and two children to support. So when the authorities in China’s far western Xinjiang region offered him a job with the auxiliary police, Baimurat welcomed the good pay and benefits.

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Weekly Brief March 1st

World Uyghur Congress, 1 March 2019

States Raise Uyghur Human Rights Crisis During UN Human Rights Council Session

Despite numerous attempts by the Chinese government to silence criticism and avoid scrutiny about its horrific repression of Uyghurs and numerous other human rights violation ahead of the 40thsession of the UN Human Rights Council, the human rights crisis in East Turkistan and the mass arbitrary detention of millions of innocent Uyghurs was raised once more by a number of states in their opening addresses at the session.

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China Has Been Telling Lies About the Concentration Camps

The Epoch Times, 28 February 2019

By Tahir Imin Uighurian – From denying the existence of the concentration camps to transferring thousands of Uighur prisoners to prisons in other provinces in China, Chinese authorities have been lying to the international community.

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China presses tough message to diplomats on Xinjiang’s ‘murderous devils’

Reuters, 1 March 2019

By Ben Blanchard & Michael Martina – China is taking an increasingly strident tone as it defends its de-radicalization program in western Xinjiang, telling foreign diplomats recently that “absurd preachings” from Islamist extremists there had turned some people into “murderous devils”.

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