Shadows on Upcoming China’s Universal Periodic Review

Bitter Winter, 27 February 2019

By Marco Respinti – On November 6, 2018, China underwent its third Universal Periodic Review (UPR) at the United Nations in Geneva. The final act is expected within days when the troika, composed of Hungary, Kenya and Saudi Arabia, will write the concluding report.

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Thermo Fisher’s necessary, but insufficient, decision to halt genetic ID tech to China

Hong Kong Free Press, 26 February 2019

By Sophie Richardson, China Director – Thermo Fisher Scientific, a large US-based medical technology manufacturer, announced this week it would stop selling human identification technology in China’s Xinjiang region. After more than a year of unanswered questions from Human Rights Watch, members of the US Congress, and others – culminating in a damning New York Times exposé of its sales in Xinjiang – Thermo Fisher chalked the decision up to “fact-specific assessments.”

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Students team up to combat Uyghur crisis

Yale Daily News, 26 February 2019

By Kelly Wei  A team of graduate and undergraduate students, supported by the Paul China Tsai Center at Yale, have partnered together to raise awareness of human rights abuses against the Uighurs — a predominantly Muslim minority in China — through outreach, petitioning and work with Uighurs in the United States.

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Muslim Leaders Condemn Uighur Internment Camps

Freedom United, 24 February 2018

By Freedom United –  More than 130 Muslim leaders and scholars in the United States have a signed a letter condemning the persecution of the Uighur ethnic minority in China’s far western Xinjiang province.

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China’s Treatment of Muslims a Defining Moment for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Human Right Watch, 25 February 2019

By Farida Deif – Imagine a country where practicing Islam is treated as a crime. Where using the everyday greeting of “As-salaam alaikum” is punished. A place so repressive that even listening to a religious sermon at a mosque or reciting a funeral prayer from the Quran in your home can land you in jail.

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China cuts BBC broadcast after reporter mentions Muslim detention camps

Yeni Safak, 25 February 2019

By Yeni Safak – A BBC reporter was cut off mid-sentence after he mentioned China’s imprisonment of Uyghur Muslims in detention camps across the Xinjiang province.

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American families of missing Uighurs speak out at DC event

Associated Press, 25 February 2019 

By Christina Larsen – Nearly two years after the Chinese government began to detain members of Muslim minority groups in western China, a growing number of family members abroad are refusing to remain silent.

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Turkey urges China to protect religious freedom in Xinjiang

Aljazeera, 25 February 2019

By Aljazeera – Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has voiced concern over China‘s alleged mistreatment of Uighur and other Muslims in its Xinjiang region and called on Beijing to protect freedom of religion there.

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