Ex-Chinese spy says politicians are targets

The Canadian Press, 30 November 2011

GATINEAU, Que. — A flirtatious email exchange between a Tory MP and a Chinese journalist has to be taken seriously, because China views foreign politicians as top targets, a former Chinese spy said Wednesday.

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US moves to counter China in Pacific

The Australian, 30 November 2011
By Richard Herr and Anthony Bergin

BARACK Obama spent considerable effort at the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation forum summit and during his recent visit to Australia to put the “Pacific” into the Asian Century.

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China military criticizes strengthened US-Australia military pact, blames ‘Cold War thinking’

The Washington Post, 30 November 2011

BEIJING — America’s strengthened military pact with Australia is a figment of “Cold War thinking” that will destabilize the Asia-Pacific region, China’s Defense Ministry said Wednesday, in Beijing’s strongest criticism yet of a move widely seen as intended to counter China’s rising assertiveness.

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China military denounces U.S.-Australia defense upgrade

Reuters, 30 November 2011
By Chris Buckley

(Reuters) – China’s military denounced the United States and Australia on Wednesday for upgrading military ties, warning that such moves could erode trust and fan Cold War-era antagonism.

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China’s Fake-Christmas-Tree Hegemony

Business Week, 29 November 2011
By Joshua Green

Not long ago, the Obama administration briefly got caught up in what looked to be a hilariously tone-deaf bit of Fox News bait: the U.S. Agriculture Department was planning to impose a 15 cent-per-tree fee on Christmas trees, which was — immediately and inevitably — dubbed a “Christmas Tree tax” by gleeful conservatives.

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Chinese Netizens Question School Bus Donation to Macedonia

VoA News, 29 November 2011
By Stephanie Ho

Chinese Internet users are questioning their country’s donation of school buses to the European country Macedonia, less than two weeks after an overcrowded school minivan crashed in China, killing 19 preschool students.

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China debate over minibus gift following deadly crash

BBC, 28 November 2011

Chinese netizens have voiced anger over the donation of school buses to Macedonia, two weeks after a minibus crash that left 19 children dead.

More than 60 toddlers were packed into the nine-seater minibus, which collided with a truck in Gansu province.

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Pakistan and China hold joint military exercises

Associated Press, 25  November 2011

Islamabad:  Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani said on Thursday that Pakistan has done its utmost to eliminate the threat to China posed by militants operating in the border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

“Those elements of ETIM (East Turkestan Islamic Movement) who are operating in the border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan, even there we had a very close cooperation, and we do exchange intelligence and we have done our utmost to eliminate this threat of ETIM and other extremists for China,” said General Kayani in Jhelum, Punjab province, where the Pakistan and Chinese armies have been taking part in joint military exercises.

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