Separate and Unequal: The Status of Development in East Turkestan

Press Release — For immediate release
28 September 2009
Contact: World Uyghur Congress
0049 (0) 89 5432 1999 or [email protected]

October 1, 2009 will mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and officials from Beijing to East Turkestan are pulling out all the stops to ensure that no discord mars the scripted celebrations that will take place. The year 2009 in East Turkestan marks one of the most turbulent periods in the region in modern history, with unrest, state brutality and ethnic violence exposing deep social rifts and grossly flawed government policies. More than 130,000 troops have been specially deployed to East Turkestan from other regions of China in a bid to restore order and crack down on the Uyghur population, following an untold number of deaths and injuries that began on July 5, 2009.

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Statement from World Uyghur Congress President Rebiya Kadeerregarding remarks of Taiwan Interior Minister Chiang Yi-hua

For immediate release
September 25, 2009, 5:35 pm EST
Contact: Uyghur American Association +1 (202) 349 1496
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21 September 2009

The World Forum for Democratization in Asia (WFDA) deeply regrets the decision of the South Korean government to deny entry to Mr. Dolkun Isa, General Secretary of the World Uyghur Congress. Mr. Isa was invited by WFDA to attend its Third Biennial Meeting, which was held in Seoul on 16-18 September 2009.

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South Korean detention of Uyghur activist Dolkun Isa raises concern over Chinese influence on peaceful Uyghur activities

For immediate release
September 18, 2009, 5:45 pm EST
Contact: Uyghur American Association +1 (202) 349 1496 
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South Korea: Dolkun Isa release welcome but authorities should not have denied him entry

Amnesty Interntional
18 September 2009


Amnesty International today welcomed the release of Dolkun Isa, the Secretary General of the World Uyghur Congress, ollowing his detention at Incheon International airport in Seoul, South Korea but said the authorities should not have denied him entry to the country.

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Secretary General of World Uighur Congress denied entry to South Korea

Amnesty International
17 September 2009

The South Korean authorities should immediately release Dolkun Isa, Secretary General of the World Uighur Congress, unless he is to be charged with an internationally recognized criminal offence, Amnesty International said on Thursday.

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Response to Dolkun Isa’s Arrest in South Korea (by Senitor Marco Perduca)

 Rome, 16 September 2009
To the Urgent Attention of:
H. E. Kim Joong-jae
Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Italy 
Tel. 06-80.24.61
Fax 06- – 06- 
Email: [email protected]
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Arrest of Mr. Dolkun Isa in South Korea

The elected General Secretary of the World Uyghur Congress (WUC) Mr. Dolkun Isa, on his arrival to South Korea on 15 September 2009 to attend the World Forum for Democratization in Asia (WFDA) was detained by South Korean security forces. Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) is shocked by this atrocity

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