WUC and UAA Demand China to Release Sitiwaldi (Dilkex) Tilivaldi

For Immediate Release
Contact: Alim A. Seytoff
World Uyghur Congress
Uyghur American Association
Phone: 202-321-2388
Friday, January 14, 2005
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The Xinjiang Conflict: Uyghur Identity, Language Policy, and Political Discourse

The East-West Center, 1 January 2005

By Arienne M. Dwyer — This study explores Chinese language policy and language use in Inner Asia, as well as the relation of language policy to the politics of Uyghur identity. Language is central to ethnic identity, and official language policies are often overlooked as critical factors in conflict over ethnic nationalism. In Chinese Inner Asia, any solution to ethnic conflict will include real linguistic and cultural autonomy for major ethnic groups.

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